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How useful walnuts?

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Nuts are a treat not only animals, but also people, especially in AutumnYu season. These delicious fruits are not only palatable, but also beneficial to the human body. Let's find out what is the walnut.
Almost 20% of the proteins found in the nucleus of a walnut, but the healthy oil covers 75%. This oil contains many nutrients, in particular it is a polyunsaturated fatty acid totorye a positive effect on the skin, blood vessels and heart.

Ancient doctors believed that walnuts are a strong antidote. Therefore, a distinguished physician and philosopher Avicenna recommended his patients to use them together with honey against tuberculosis. Here Hippocrates, for example, useful is the green shell GraetzFIR nuts, because they help to expel worms from the human body. In Ukraine, these nuts also showed its healing properties, particularly for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

The rich walnuts?

Today, official and folk medicine recommend to use opehi when vitamin deficiency, deficiency of salts of iron and cobalt. These fruits are useful for mothers in feeding the baby breast milk, as well as those who suffer from a serious illness. If you want the effect to be much better, you should use them with green vegetables, because it greatly improves the interactionlife-giving and healing effect.

The walnuts contain a lot of fiber and oils that help in the work of the intestine. But doctors recommend and use them for the elderly in order to avoid constipation. Those people who have problems with blood circulation or suffer from gout - should consumewalnuts daily. For more details about the benefits and harms of walnuts read.

Nuts derive cholesterol: it's real?

The researchers decided to test how well the statement that nuts help to kick cholesterol. For this study, 58 were invited patsiencomrade, which had the disease is type II diabetes. All who wish to split into groups and make sure they comply with the diet. One group daily intake of 30 grams of nuts. According to the content of cholesterol in them decreased from 30 to 10%. It was also found that the constant eating nuts reduces draftsand sweets and flour products.

Important Information

Some people think that the constant use of walnuts leads to compensation of iodine in the human body. However, it is a myth, according to endocrinologist Svetlana Bogdanova. She believes that nuts contain in its composition bOlsha iodine content, but if you really have a problem with that, these benefits will not help you. If you want them to save you, then you need to take daily a few kg of nuts, and it can not be understood.


So, walnuts are very useful for belovecheskogo body. They help to improve not only our appearance, but the internal state of the whole organism. Eat every day for a few grams of walnuts and then the health problems you avoid.

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