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Another gadget Apple iPhone 6

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In our time in the life of society as a whole and the individual key rolls played by communication, which is provided by a well-developed means of communication and information dissemination. For most people, the main form of communication is a mobile communication system that covers almost the entire globe, and enables communication between people at any time and anywhere in the world. In addition it is actively used the Internet towh ich could among other things provide video communication and more convenient, and quick retrieval of information. However, to carry ever cell phone and laptop, at best, to access the Internet at least uncomfortable. Fortunately today there is a real opportunity to combine these two different functions in one device, more compacte and productive. This device is called a smartphone, that is a smart phone, which in addition to mobile phone provides many different functionality inherent in personal computers.

In view of the demand for this type of product, its production today is engaged in a variety of companies, including the worldovym name. Among them can be clearly and there are companies whose products are considered to be the benchmark, not only in terms of quality, but in general, in terms of the functional unit itself. Among the manufacturers of smartphones that company is Apple, which is introduced to the market one of the most famous and sought-after smartphonesin the world - iPhone. It's not just high-quality and popular device, it is also a certain status: if, for example, the presence of the phone Vertu says that man just nowhere to put the money in the iPhone gives its owner a connoisseur of really high-quality, modern and moderately expensive products. < / p>

iPhone Features 6

Apple today presented the latest models on the market, the eighth generation - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The main feature of the smartphone is not functional, or reduced to 7 mm shell thickness, and significantly increased in comparison with previous models Screen: 4.7 "- the iPhone 6 and as many as 5.5" -the iPhone 6 Plus. The solution, quite frankly, revolutionary, since none of the previous models, this design feature could not boast. Apple engineers did very wisely, using data on the use of large-format displays from other manufacturers. Even at the present level jobs that a person decides to helpth smartphone big screen significantly improves the comfort and convenience of perception of information.

In the production of displays used proprietary technology Apple - Retina HD, which allows to significantly increase the density of pixels, thereby increasing the quality of the image. Another feature of this series of iPhone yavlyaetsI use the built-in security system, based on the technology of Touch ID, which allows a person to read your fingerprint, thus allowing to unlock the smartphone and start its operation. Housing, including glass, iPhone 6+ 6 and more rounded on the edges. The eighth family of iPhone uses an onboard processor A8. CameraIt has also been developed, to obtain a matrix of 8 MP with the diaphragm and the ability to take pictures and videos in HD quality. All this is controlled by the operating system iOS 8. By the way, to buy this miracle of technology, you can online store.


In spite of the criticism of the existing, including its competitors, the new models iPhone was sold at an astonishing speed of 10 million smartphones in the first three days of sales at extremely minimal amount of complaints from direct customers.

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