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Choice of green tea for every taste

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> To date, fans of the classic green tea known to many exclusive rubbishthat this product, which differ in taste. Using the information provided on this site, you can choose gentle and tart green tea, as well as with a unique floral scent. Due to the wide range of exclusive varieties of tea every visitor online store may choose products according to the individual predpochteniyami.  

Different methods of obtaining exclusive varieties

In the catalog store varieties are collected on unique technologies, have been subjected to various treatments. Processing of tea leaf includes curling, roasting, extrusion into sheets, folding in the form of beads, woundbinding for flowers and other methods. With this number of varieties of green tea in the thousands, many species still require careful study. &Nbsp; &Nbsp;  

The use of drink and recommendations for use

The classic green tea is a traditional Chinesem drink which has received huge popularity in European countries. For many of us it has become a common use of fragrant green tea in the morning and during the lunch break. The benefits of the beverage is in a strong invigorating effect, the content of substances to prevent heart disease, dental caries, kidney stonesand even cancer. To make sense of cheerfulness persisted throughout the day, we recommend drinking green tea classic several times during the day. The main difference of the product from other types of tea is to preserve all the valuable properties due to the fact that the leaves are not fermentation. Basically, green tea is advised to drinkmeal, because it provides the normalization of the digestive process and neutralize the acidity.

The benefits of the acquisition of the classic green tea online store

Buying a classic green varieties in a specialized online store, the customer can take advantage of many advantages, shopped the most profitable. Today consumers are offered:   &Nbsp;

  • low cost of goods;
  • delivery of exclusive varieties with the implementation of the free delivery;
  • easy packing goods (50 grams);
  • The system of discounts and bonuses.      

Purchase of tea accompanied obtain competent advice from experienced professionals.

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