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How to choose the best protein from whey and casein

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hiking in the trading hall of large store sportivnogof power in search of the best product for yourself, you will be in shock from a variety of types of protein powders, manufacturers flavors. The diversity present in the choice of raw materials, the powders have not only soy, but even from pea! How many flavors and tastes and birthday cake, and chocolate milk (in any case not to be confused with the taste of the Far Eastoynogo chocolate). There are luxury products: hydrolysates and isolates that are substantially more expensive. But the most popular are whey and casein proteins. High-quality protein you can pick up in the store inetrnet-. &Nbsp;

Before the buyer gets a lot of questions. Should I choose a more expensive protein powders toprovide a full and fast food for the muscles? And what kind of powders are better suited in terms of compatibility with the diet? In order to understand all these issues, and choose the best option for yourself, read our article on whey and casein protein.

Whey protein powder

Perhaps, this type of protein is the most cheap and available in the market, so it can be found in any sports nutrition store and even in ordinary supermarkets. Whey protein has become a staple in the diet of athletes. This protein has a lot of advantages. He restores muscles after a good workout,It increases strength and size, especially when taken within two hours after exercise.

But it does not mean that you can take the very first package and start working on building muscle. Consumers are offered options such as hydrolysates and isolates. "Hydrolyzate" refers to a protein Depleted to the level of amino acids (the building blockss protein). This method is designed to improve the digestibility of the protein. "Isolate" refers to a process of purification of ballast substances, manufacturers are thus seeking to increase the percentage of protein powder.

All of these methods are great, but if they are worth the additional $ 15 or more for a jar? Studies show that not always. AlthoughI then purified proteins that all indicators better, their contribution to efficiency is relatively low. Whey protein concentrate from a reputable manufacturer can also give excellent results.

Casein protein

Although the casein protein is not sweep the shelves, hemuch like whey protein. As with whey protein, casein is a raw material for milk. However, this protein is less digestible because of the interaction with the juices of our digestive system. This leads to a slow release of proteins and essential amino acids, and it is preferable to make casein produktomu when such a release rate of amino acids is an advantage (for example, during sleep, if you have to remain without food for 7-9 hours).

The same feature makes the casein is less suitable for consumption after exercise (when nutrients very necessary). Nevertheless, studies show that it is notIt has such a large value. In most cases casein and whey protein are identical. You can use both views, much more important is the total number of proteins for the whole day. Protein requirement at all different, are advised to take from 1.2 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, depending on the intensityand training.

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