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What is the furniture

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Anyone can be called so because creating comfortable conditions for himself livedAnia, instead of drifting, like any other living species on the planet. One of the symbols of humanity as a superior species, is his home, where he plans and organizes their leisure time, develop your life and find shelter from the various atmospheric phenomena, always accompanied by a man. Naturally, people living in an empty house is not usedThere will, since here it is necessary to create favorable conditions, and this is primarily needed furniture, allowing a great ease and comfort to perform daily tasks (sit, lie down, eat, work, sleep and so on. d.). Analyzing all existing types of furniture can be unambiguously concluded that the optimum combination of parameters, Functionality and comfort it has furniture. By the way, it can be purchased from the online store:.

What is the furniture?

Upholstered furniture - a collective name for a large number of items of furniture and accessories that combines the soft elementscops construction work surfaces that allow increased comfort to sit or lie on them. In terms of our rights, nurtured on Soviet ideals and realities, under the upholstered furniture made to understand the so-called soft corner - a sofa and armchairs, which is an integral attribute of any property. In fact, it isa group of diverse subjects which, nevertheless, have something in common. If more than one set aside the aforementioned soft element is a collective measure, then something in common and can be found in the construction of any item referred to as "furniture".

What is in upholstered furniture?

This type of furniture is a complex system, from an engineering point of view, just like any other. Therefore, analyzing its structure the following main components:

  • frame -supporting structure of the furniture, which determines its spatial distribution, size, and performs carrier function. As the basic material for the manufacture of the frame and its individual elements used solid wood or a type of layered wood-based panels (plywood, chipboard, MDF, HDF, MDF), which is significantly cheaper and easier to manufacture;
  • element Soft - working surfaces that define self this type of furniture . It is used to obtain a certain level of softness of the working surface. The basis of the soft member or, more precisely, laid block spring elements and bLoki, elastic belt system, flooring and stuffing materials (foam, padding polyester, etc.. n.);
  • Facing - part of the product that determines its external shape and visual appearance . It is used to improve the properties of the visual style and furniture. IzgotavliINDICATES mainly of different upholstery fabrics, leather, textile leather and so on. d.;
  • The mechanism of transformation - a built-in mechanism for connecting between a frame and soft elements (seat or back). It is used to make upholstered furniture more functionalstivity, rational use of space inside it, as well as the empowerment of the working surfaces (such as a sofa bed can be transformed into a sliding or swinging way).

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