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Recovering after the operation: trust in the health professional!

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Surgery – a shock to your body. It has a negative effect on the immune, nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems, as a result of the use of a whole range of chemicals. But in your power to avoid unpleasant consequences, and restore health as soon as possible .

The secret of fast recovery — Medical Center UBI. It provides the proper care of patients who have undergone:

  • local operations on the skin;
  • urological and gynecological surgery;
  • surgeryabdominal;
  • surgery on joints, ligaments, muscles and spine.

The medical center UBI you can restore health to survive the stress after surgery and return to normal life as soon as possible.

The recovery program in the center of UBI provides:

  • of the whole complex of restorative treatments: detoxification, measures to prevent the exacerbation of chronic diseases and normalize metabolism;
  • restful sleep;
  • Proper nutrition;
  • supervision by the best specialists;
  • chat with a psychologist.

On the other procedures you can read.

For each patient, the rehabilitation program developed in individualnom order taking into account a variety of factors:

  • character from surgery;
  • state of health;
  • the presence / absence of chronic diseases;
  • the presence / absence of allergic reactions;
  • the psychological state of the patient after the operation.

In addition to an effective treatment program, each patient medical center UBI can count on unlimited communication, attention and support from the medical staff.

n MedicalCentralized UBI — your loyal assistant on the way to a former way of life!

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