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When assigned a sabbatical

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at any time for a person personally and for society as a whole keyth role in establishing the rate of development has played a certain degree, especially when it comes to its so-called supreme form (in the modern sense of the word). If in ancient times or even during the Middle Ages education provides a more favorable social position in society, there's definitely played a big role in the life of concretetion of man, now on the level and quality of education is equally "depends on a place in the sun" for the student and the progress of the society, has gained tremendous momentum. Especially higher education, as opposed to the average, for example, is a substantive, specialized training in a particular area. That is, a person receivesthe necessary knowledge and skills for independent work in their chosen field by himself. Depending on the specialization, the duration of study at the university can range from 5 (general practice) and 9 years (for example, medical education). This itself imposes certain obligations on the student that can be perceived as the firstlife of a formal contract (after all, certain categories of student learning outcomes receive a monthly stipend). But even five years - it's a decent amount of time for which, taking into account age, social status, and other times it can happen a lot, especially such that can temporarily interfere with learning. In such cases, student is advisable to use their right to a temporary pause in the training, which, in accordance with the law, called a sabbatical.

What this akademotpusk and he appointed?

By definition, the Ministry of Education (Decree which, by the way, and is regulated by the GPgrew up), akademotpusk is respite from learning in higher education, provided the student in accordance with medical or exceptional reasons, the list of which is stipulated by decree of the Ministry.

For medical reasons delay include:

  • Pregnancyand childbirth;
  • received injuries incompatible with the possibility of completing the course within a certain period;
  • The serious worsening of existing chronic diseases and more.

In exceptional cases, may also be granted a sabbatical:

  • During military service in the mobilization procedure;
  • In connection with the death or serious illness of a close relative, requiring constant care and attention;
  • At the time of study at another university, and so on. D.

Of course, during such an official break for students retained his status and privileges (if any). So naturally, that at this time it can not in any way participate in the educational process for the objective (listed above), and academic (the inability to participate in the final certification) reasons. Foritelnost any academic leave shall not exceed two years, however, exercise the right to provide its students can unlimited number of times. The decision to grant deferment of training is made based on the statements given and documents confirming the legitimacy of such actions (eg meditsInsko opinion or agenda in the army). The final decision is taken by the rector, as in the case of a sabbatical, which in turn requires a written application and documents confirming the possibility of completing the course already.

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