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Medical certificate and its form

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Saint-Petersburg is one of the most dynamic cities of the Russian Federation. EtCB contributes not only to an extremely favorable geopolitical location, allows you to monitor trade flows and historical heritage, thanks to which the city is considered to be the cultural and scientific capital of the country. Since Peter I, who laid the city and made it the capital of his empire, St. Petersburg city focused ogromnoe number of cultural and historical monuments of value to all mankind. This and much more makes each year to visit the city a lot of people. Some of them went to a purely tourist purposes (to relax, enjoy the culture, to see something new,   and so on. N.), Someone comes here on business, and someone searches in the city of STImule and better opportunities for employment and productive work.

Anyway, we have to deal with a huge number of people, each of whom wants to know clearly what his life and health by others is not in danger. This is especially clearly seen when it comes toCooperation   a large number of people, or the performance of work, carrying the potential danger to life and health, and their associates. It is for private collective security in any country in the world has a system of specialized medical examinations passing by citizens who assess the state of his health, as well as the ability to perform themtasks in full or partial volume. In particular, it also speaks about how can a man do to be in the team, as a result of the disease available to it.

What is the medical certificate?

A medical certificate is an official document that is the conclusion at the passedmedical check-up. Therefore, it indicates the suitability or unsuitability of a person to perform certain tasks. Since the medical certificate is an official document, it has its own approved by the Ministry of Health, the shape of which depends on the nature of the proposed activity.

For example,to teach in any school or joining is required to pass a medical examination in certain doctors who make up a complete picture of your health. But this does not mean that the form should be the same for all cases. Objectively, different circumstances require different attention of specialists and thus form a joint venture healthcareravok will also be different. By the way, you do not have to pass a medical examination. Today it is possible to specialized sites, for example, and you will be required to issue a medical certificate as quickly as possible.

The forms of certificates

Ministry of Health approved a sufficiently wide list of forms for mpocket medical certificates, taking into account a variety of cases, but the most popular are the following forms:

  • The form 086 / u - a standard reference for any institution and most production;
  • The form 095 / u - Help for schools, colleges, universities of temporary disability;
  • The form 072 / u - a standard form of outpatient's card, which needed for the device to the appropriate institution for treatment;
  • The form 082 / u - a certificate for traveling abroad, necessary for drawing up the contract of insurance;
  • The form 070 / u - a certificate necessary to obtain a sanatorium visitsand;
  • The form 079 / u - a certificate necessary for registration of a child in a children's camp;
  • Form 001-GS / y - a certificate required for admission to the public service.

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