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Psoriasis: medical or social problem?

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Every year, doctors diagnose more allergic and dermatologicalof diseases in humans. They say that the environment brings, radiation affects genes change. Among skin problems now beset especially human and stand along with severe illnesses such as cancer or psoriasis. Anyone who has this disease and know how problematic it becomes life with this chronic disease. But now, thanks to modernscientific advances we can say that the fight against psoriasis and other chronic dermatoses (skin disease) is quite effective. Let's talk about the causes and symptoms of psoriasis and tell us about it Ivanov AP - editor of the website.

What causes psoriasis, and can prevent disease?

  The causes of psoriasis are not currently known, as well as the causes of a number of other diseases. For now this: know the reason, then you can try to look for ways to eliminate it, in this case, talking about the prevention of occurrence of a disease. Now, however, we can already say that it is veryMany factors affect the detection of the disease. Initially - stress, immune system disorders, metabolic processes. Given that all the controls in the body genetic code somewhere some malfunction of that code and provides the disease. Many of these processes have not yet been studied, and we think that the issue of psoriasis in the mortgagedplane. Let's hope that genetic engineering will help us to eventually solve the problem. Moreover, there is already a immunobiological methods that help us treat very severe psoriasis, in particular psoriatic.

What are the symptoms of this terrible disease?

The problem of psoriasis is very complexesmeat. Manifestations of each person are different. Psoriasis is an easy and at the same time a challenge for dermatologists. In some cases, the disease is not diagnosed is no effort, in many cases, psoriasis can masquerade as a variety of skin and not only disease. For example, psoriaztichny arthritis, which accompaniesabout 10% of patients already at moderate or severe course of the disease, can begin without skin rashes and diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis (as they say, "cool" joints). This patient will be treated rheumatologists as long as start rashes on the skin, and only then will be able to make a correct diagnosis.

How to diagnose and how to recognize the disease?

In 60-70% of cases, psoriasis is called "plaque » on the skin. They usually appear on the knees and elbows. Often the affected scalp. But these symptoms may be signs of other skin diseases, so-to-onebut most put a diagnosis and prescribe treatment impossible. Only a specialist can determine what it is, but in difficult cases to conduct a post mortem examination of the skin biopsy, and the like.

In addition to skin rashes, patients may be concerned about the pain (20% of patients) may be itchy skin, but the most important thing - to change the psycho-emotionalstanding. Psoriasis treatment should begin with the work of the psychologist with the patient. This is not an auxiliary, and one of the main methods of treatment problems. Because in practice there were many such cases, when the patient may have a minor rash on the face or genitals, but the quality of that life has been completely reduced, the personI was on the verge of collapse. Therefore, psoriasis, considering this factor is not only a medical but also a social problem.

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