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The choice of glass is just as important as the choice of profile system, forSince a greater degree heat - and sound insulation in the room will depend on it. It is important not to get lost among the variety of options, for glazing may be not only single or double chamber, they may have the most diverse configurations depending on the needs and wishes of the client. The insulating glass units can the useCall different glass: normal, I-glass (energy saving), triplex, textured, toned, mirror, volume (malirovane). According to the number of cameras, glass divided into: single-chamber is the two-chamber. Let's look at how to choose windows and help us in this Kostomarov AR - employee "STIS":.

Is it easy to chooseGlazing?

It would seem, simply by selecting the glass, which was pleasant, select the number of cameras and everything. But in the real world when choosing the glass is not so simple, because even the ordinary glass can have a different thickness. In turn, glass spacer may have varying widths, moreaddition, triple-pane windows can be used simultaneously, and even spacers of different widths. For example, a standard double-glass has a configuration 4-10-4-10, meaning that it employs three glass thickness of 4 mm, which are separated by spacers 10 mm. In practice, it is also possible for manufacturingie triple-pane windows with glass 4, 5 and 6 mm and different spacers. At first glance, nothing significant, but such glazing has improved sound insulation compared to conventional. Select glazing is not so easy, how to choose among 2-3 profile systems.

What are the single-chamber double-glazed windows?

The modern single-chamber double-glazed windows are, in fact, a sandwich of two glasses on the perimeter separated distance frame. Spacer, thanks to its design features, also performs the function of drainage and instantly absorbs moisture when it appears inside the glass. All current stacklopakety perimeter sealed special consistency that eliminates the ingress of moisture there. The main advantage of double-glazed windows, of course, is the price, they are much cheaper than their older counterparts. Also, these double-glazed windows are lighter, so they can be used in the glazing of loggias and balconies, reducing the load on the bAlki and floors of the building.

The disadvantages of double-glazed windows:

The drawback of glass of this class is the lack of noise, acoustic and thermal insulation, compared with triple-pane windows. The level of insulation is at a level of 20-25 dB, depending on the glass thickness and remotelyth frame.

Single-chamber energy-saving glass is recommended where it is not possible, or impractical to install energy-saving dual-chamber glass unit.

double-glass: their features

double glazing, in fact, Ivlyayutsya further development of the single-chamber double-glazed windows. In such insulating glass units used 3 glass, separated by a distance frame. Thus formed two air chambers. Technical characteristics of single-chamber double-glazed windows better, but mostly it concerns noise and sound insulation, which can reach the level of42 decibels. For standard triple-pane windows and soundproofing noise figure of 29-31 dB, which is 5-8 dB higher than conventional single-chamber double-glazed windows.

The difference of 3 dB is equivalent to the increase or decrease in the intensity of 2 times. Alternation of glass 4, 5 and 6 mm in one glass unit, with the usezovaniem spacers of different widths, can achieve the insulation level up to 42 dB. Using the dual-chamber energy-saving glass, with a relatively low time cost (especially in finished design), it is one of the most effective means of permanent saving of heating costs in winter and cooling yearsth.

The disadvantage of these glass units is that:

double glazing and a half times heavier than the single-chamber, by the third glass - an additional 10 kilograms per square meter. Accordingly, increasing the load on the accessories, especially in the large flaps.

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