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Processing medical instrument

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> The human body - is a unique collection of organs, tissues, systems, etc.edstavlyayuschaya is one of the greatest achievements of the evolutionary process. But even with all its perfection and a clear advantage over other living species, man, or rather his body all too prone to the development of a variety of diseases. Some of them can be cured by the use of drugs - the so-called conservativetive therapy, including an outpatient basis. The other part, which is associated with serious problems with internal organs and a real risk to the health and life of the patient. In such cases, almost always necessary surgery, which is not possible without the use of specialized medical instrument. And just zdess there is a very important precedent, because, with tools penetrating into the body's tissues and to eliminate the problems or internal injuries, the doctor may unwittingly cause more damage. In this case as well, it should be understood that we are constantly surrounded by a huge number of bacteria, microbes, viruses, moreMost of of them also pose a real threat to human life, if it hits them in the digestive tract or blood. That is why, for the prevention of such diseases should always wash their hands after contact with any surfaces. Given that the medical instrument is actively used on different patients, it is necessary to constantly obrabatyvat possible to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted from patient to patient.

What is the sterilizer?

In medical practice for disinfection of medical instruments reusable use special installation - sterilizers. This installation, in whichcreated an environment in which harmful bacteria are destroyed and viruses. The vast experience in the field of production as a medical instrument, and associated equipment is world-famous corporation Johnson & Johnson. About their products, in particular about the STERRAD 100NX sterilizer can learn more online, in the relevant section. Generally, all used in medical sterilizers are divided into four main types, depending on the microbial decontamination technology:

  • Steam (autoclave) - used for processing tool having contact with mucous membranes, blood, injection;
  • Air - handling of the instrument warmed air that destroys bacteria;
  • Ultraviolet - UV-processing tools, widely used in surgery and dentistry;
  • Plasma - the newest type sterilizers, whose action is based on the interaction of pearent (based on hydrogen peroxide) and the tool. This approach helps to deactivate harmful components that are sensitive to humidity and temperature.

Description STERRAD 100NX

This sterilizer falls into the latter type, using precision instruments for sterilization of the plasmanology STERRAD & reg ;. This makes it possible to achieve certain advantages over competing models:

  • the exclusion of human error by minimizing its participation in the sterilization process;
  • increasing comfort and safety in the workplace;
  • a significant reduction of the time erasedilizatsii.


Sterilizers are an integral part of any health care provider, because they prevent the spread of a variety of bacterial and viral infections through the tool.

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