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How to fight falsified medicines from?

July 11 2015

It is difficult to find quality products thatnd crooks not « duplicated » fake. The attractive and necessary goods - the more willing it « clone & raquo ;. But if the phenomenon of adulteration, above all, the economic interests of the manufacturer and reduces the quality of life of the consumer, fake food and pharmaceutical products - a direct threatlife. And no matter what the scale becomes fraud, disputes over how widespread or rare occurrence of the facts of falsification in the domestic market - unproductive. If such drugs to 50% (as in some African countries) - it's trouble, if this figure is much lower - it is also a serious problem. And if the counterfeit prepaRath is a threat to the lives of hundreds of people, a civilized society is to fight against the violation of the rights of its citizens and to protect the interests of each of them. As the portal: in Kazakhstan there is the phenomenon of counterfeiting of medicines, and it does not appear today. However, today this issue is considered at the highest ursno. One example of this - a resonance around the many events that took place in many cities where law enforcement officers seized a large consignment of counterfeit medicines (these were the most popular among the population of non-prescription medicines), which sold more than 30 legitimate pharmacies. The fact of falsification on the part of the series is already confirmed, checkscontinues. A similar incident occurred in the year before, where « underground » counterfeited medicines. But if some time it seemed that it was just an unfortunate episode that will not be continued, but now everyone understood - a serious battle with the shadow can not be avoided. And this process has come under tight control. Against 3 persons Bendingotavlivali, they stored and sold the counterfeit drugs, a criminal case.

What can be caused by medication side effects?

The mythical point of view is absolutely safe medicines. Even the consistent quality of the preparation is no guarantee that the treatment will not behave adverse effects. All drugs, regardless of their origin (synthetic, natural) may be more or less hazardous. On the other hand, this does not mean that the use of the drug will always adverse effects. Use of drugs in the vast majority of patients accompanied terapevticheskim effect, however, can cause adverse reactions. This is due to the pharmacological properties of these drugs, especially the response of the patient to their introduction may be a result of medical errors occur or for other reasons.
The lack of efficacy of drugs may also be due to different reasonss:

  • The discrepancy between the severity of the disease and the prescribed treatment;
  • The use of the drug is not on the testimony or without contraindications;
  • The simultaneous use of drugs that reduce the effectiveness of each other;
  • The appointment of antimicrobials without scientistsis the sensitivity of pathogens to them;
  • deterioration of the surgeon's tools, and the like.

Be careful!

fair to say that doctors and patients are not always right, evaluating drugs as inefficient. For example, it is unlikely to be an effective application in KutchETS korvalola monotherapy in a patient 78 years with coronary heart disease and hypertension. Or a message that the nominated within 5 days the antibiotic was ineffective in the treatment of bronchitis, and its replacement with another antimicrobial agent accompanied by a therapeutic effect. In this case, most likely, the agent appeared nechuvstvitelnym the first drug-sensitive and drug intended later. So no need to interfere with the main secondary.
So, focus the efforts of all professionals who are involved in the process of circulation of drugs, coordinated and timely action after the registration onDzor for their medical use contribute to the use of effective and quality drugs.

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