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Why ceases smaller cherry trees?

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Quite often such that the cherry seedlings are placed directly without regard to their specificity to the growing conditions. And more specificallyI am not in the high places, and on poor soils, and also in the more severe, which are very close to the so-called underground water, it is natural that she started to show their   the nature and capricious. In addition, cherries in the manure needs – and now let it become very problematic. That's why these beautiful ebbed detrees had for non-organics. Also, growers began to notice that the branches and the trees become quite suddenly dry up. And those trees that were able to survive, began getting worse every year bear fruit. And so the experts began to look this good explanation of the process and tied with differences weather, climate change, frequent spring Zamoraozkami and long days in the summer drought. But all this does not make to give fans of the wonderful and beautiful cherry trees.

During the selection of varieties of cherries, what should turn their attention and what types are best?
Cherry in your garden will always bear fruit unless you provide it with the necessaryconditions, proper care and, of course, if you can carefully, and most importantly the right to choose the desired grade. It should be mandatory - frost-resistant, and have a high resistance to moniliosis and kokkomikozu. For example:

  • "robin";
  • "Youth";
  • "BulatnikovskayaI ";
  • "Good";
  • "Turgenevka";
  • "Zhukovskaya".

Also, it is desirable to acquire grade samoplodnye. If, however, you bought a copy, to him it is necessary to land suitable for the pollination of cherries.

To samoplodnye varieties of cherriesinclude:

  • "Lyubskiy";
  • "Rastorguevskaya";
  • "Rusinka";
  • "Shubinka";
  • "Volochaevka";
  • "Bulatnikovskaya";
  • "Youth";
  • "generous".

Keep wellIt means that a samobesplodnym include:

  • "Vladimir";
  • "griots Moscow";
  • "Scarlet"
  • "robin".

For large cherry varieties include:

  • "Youth";
  • "Volochaevka";
  • "Rastorguevskaya";
  • "Sis";
  • "big black";
  • "Toy";
  • "Nochka";
  • "Meeting";
  • "Miracle cherry".

It is very sweet varieties are "Leningrad" and "Shpanka".
If you want to in a monthetochkah were bright and fragrant berries in your garden, it is best to plant varieties that are characterized directly in ripening:
Early varieties – "Scarlet",   "Beauty of the North", "griots Moscow", "Amorel", "griots Ligelya", "Vasilevsky", "Waiting";
Average grade – "Robin", "Rastorguevskaya", "Youthth "," Bulatnikovskaya "," Vladimir "," companion "," Shalunya, "" notable "," Ryazanochka ";
Late varieties –" Shubinka "," Tamaris "," Lyubskiy "," Rusinka " "Generous" "Eruditka," "Memoirs", "toy", "Morozovka".
Today is very popular steel grades, which received well by the title of hybridization cherries and cherries "Toy "," Sun ",  " Nochka "," daughter Yaroslavna "," Meeting. "But all the data classes to pollinate, be sure to cherry growing in the neighborhood.
For more information on specific varieties of cherries, and the ability to buy them, you can carry, pereylya link

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