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What is also important to study in pediatrics?

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> In the XXI century, progress in the field of clinical pediatrics comes from the study of the causes ofcourse of diseases.
In the near future it is necessary to clarify the mechanisms of gene expression in different periods of childhood, to study the genetics of disorders of physical development and the contribution of genetic factors to the development of chronic somatic diseases, to develop gene therapy approaches to the treatment of many diseases of childhood. No less VBRded is a widely used method in clinical morphology of Pediatrics, which will make a breakthrough in the characterization and understanding of the nature of many diseases of childhood. Of course, in the future it will be important to study the immune mechanisms of formation of somatic diseases of childhood, especially the studyI have the role of cytokines, as well as prospects for the treatment of many diseases with the help of « biological » Agents that selectively block the synthesis and the effects of the most important mediators of inflammation inducers of tolerance and the like.

What research is planned in the field of clinical pediatrics?

Regarding the promising areas of research that can be characterized as, in the coming years, it is advisable to:

  • To examine the major functional systems, mechanisms of adaptation and adaptive rate in children, including premature and adolescents in the period of post-natalntogeneza in different social and environmental conditions;
  • to appreciate the features of the actual nutritional status of children critical groups (1st year of life, primary school, adolescence), to assess its impact on the formation of children's health and to show its relationship to the development of common diseases in childrenzrasta,
  • To investigate risk factors for socially significant diseases and to develop new preventive technologies that will increase the adaptive reserves of children to adverse environmental conditions;
  • Develop a screening program neck ofdetecting congenital, hereditary and acquired diseases, as well as computerized program of mass preventive examinations of children and adolescents;
  • Develop new algorithms for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the neonatal period, provides for the reduction of drug LOADKey to premature babies;
  • To develop the scientific foundations of physical education, initial vocational education and training to work and serve in the army;
  • Develop new forms of outpatient and inpatient care, regulations, Funktsionalcial duties activity pediatrician and improve the system of care for children and adolescents;
  • Improve the system to graduate and post-graduate training in the medical and pedagogical universities on the development of a healthy child, training programs andbenefits.

It is not a complete list of the problems and challenges in the field of pediatrics, which require active development. In our opinion, it is necessary to create working groups of the department staff and academic institutions that have the most experience in dealing with these problems, and their leaders must lead them.
However, in our opinion, should be critical of the international organizations which under the guise of trying to help impose undue recommendations. In particular, it concerns rather problematic and controversial recommendations for feeding infants, some of « new » perinatal technologies, the introduction of nrotokolov to care for a healthy child, and others.

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