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What do women want?

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Any human society is inherently dualistic, that is composed of two opposite but interconnected half - husbandtion (strong) and female (beautiful). If men are considered the stronger sex, getters for the family, the woman - a reflection of all that is beautiful, that is in us humans, it is the keeper of a home and its just decoration. Obviously, in addition to caring for the comfort of home and family, any woman concerned about her beauty, because it is one factor towh ich has played a key role in the self-assessment and the demand on the part of the stronger sex.

standard of beauty woman

Although the beauty - is largely a subjective and abstract category, it is still subject to certain estimates. And here, as in any other case involving the need to evaluate something LiebOh, must be present a certain benchmark. In this case, we are talking about the so-called standard of beauty - combined visual and anthropometric characteristics of women who are in a particular society is considered to be ideal. Throughout the history of mankind, such as comparative standards often changed, and Sachwith essentially exists of a generalized indicator. In the Middle Ages, for example, a woman could be considered beautiful if she had small breasts, wasp waist so pale skin. Today, such a woman could be perceived as somewhat unhealthy.

What determines the beauty

It is obvious that the oddsming standards and ways to achieve them affects not only the historical period, but also objective factors, that women have to face every day: work, household tasks, nutrition, ecology, etc. Consequently, in order to achieve the indicators should be possible to follow the simple rules that take into account isiyanie the beauty of a number of factors. In general, speaking about the beauty of women, it should be clearly understood (especially the woman herself) that she is not only beautiful shape, hairstyle or manicure. This is a complex category, which consists of two basic forms: external beauty and inner beauty.

Beauty exterior

It is a category that appears in the external state of the woman's body. It can be considered as the visual embodiment of beauty. It is obvious that this category requires some effort to create the required image and influence on him the following conditions:

  • an adequate and healthy sleep;
  • dossufficiently level of motor activity, including sports training;
  • clean and fresh air;
  • full proper nutrition;
  • the observance of correct posture;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • personal hygiene and body care;
  • how to find the right clothes;
  • the desired make-up, etc.

inside Beauty

It is a category that can not see visually, but you can feel in communion with the woman. Solar smile, positive mood, self-confidence, right speech and articulationI - all this makes a woman attractive, on the other hand.


Come on, about what they must do to achieve a certain ideal, everyone can. The main requirement is the woman herself to decide what she wanted, what indicators are important and which ones can be ignored.


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