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Analyzing sometimes historical process of humanity, whether with assistanceth most popular Internet resources, or remembering the material that has been studied in a school or university program, you can not help conclude that the twentieth century was one of the most controversial and at the same time crucial for all of us. On the one hand, the twentieth century - is the most bloody military in the history of mankind, but after them there will comeyl lasting peace and humanity incredibly far stepped forward in its development. In the last century it was created a huge amount of equipment and materials, culminating made discoveries in science, which allowed us to have all the things that we have today. However, this does not mean that his (ie the twentieth century) is fashionable to associate only with the technskim coup, because he gave us open and in other non-technical elements burdened resources. It is primarily concerned with the scope of fashion and style, and one of the most popular in this part of accessories - glasses.

What are points?

Glasses - an optical device consisting in a generalized boilante of the optical system lenses and their fixing in position (frame). In order to understand their role in human life, it is necessary to understand how much greater role in the life of man and his vision of the body and how it functions. Vision is one of several sensor systems in the body, whereby the goalovnoy brain perceives and processes up to 80-90% of all incoming information about the world. From a physics standpoint, physiology, vision is also an optical system, at least as regards the eyes. It has its own optical lens (lens) that focuses rays falling on it and forwards them to the surface receptor (setKamchatka). Everything seems to be easy, but in contrast to the artificial lens, the lens and the eye attendant authorities may "fail", which leads to loss of rezkozti, and therefore requires correction. It is for this and created points (and for a long time), which is an artificial lens, additional corrective incident rays.

What are the shapes of sunglasses

In addition to points in the traditional sense, there is also a category of points, which are not used for the correction of the flow of light rays, and to change its intensity. These points are called sun. They also have quite a long history, but in thatthe form in which we are accustomed to thinking of (it is especially about the form of the rim), they became known and popular in the twentieth century. So we had all the most popular types of sunglasses:

  • aviators or droplets - a classic of the genre, widely used in the armed forces (especially the - air) and in the heart of the civilian population;
  • vayfarery - points in the large, trapezoidal frame;
  • Lennons - glasses, which are similar in shape and style to those worn at the time, John Lennon, and a modern stage - Harry Potter. They are distinguished by a narrow circular rim;
  • Panto - glasses, somewhat similar to vayfarerami, but abouttlichayuschiesya narrower rim is not emphasized;
  • broulaynery - it points to the combined rim: wide - at the top and narrow at the bottom.


Today, sunglasses play the same huge role, as usual. Purchase Points different brands and different frames can be non the link.

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