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Diseases rose

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Our world - is unique and unique in its diversity of structure uniting some invisible global relationshipth hugest number of living organisms and territories. This people, animals and plants and many other things, known and unknown to modern science. Among all these components of the same chain can always find a certain standard of beauty. People - this is indisputable woman among animals - perhaps a horse, and among the plants - flowers in their colossuscial diversity and undisputed queen of the rose in particular.

What is a rose?

Rose - is not only the bright red flower with a strong "studded leg", which most of us are, by definition, expresses his feelings to others of their loved ones. In fact it is a species with a collective calledtion of its wild relative of rose hips. Moreover, if we take the rose in its form in which it mentally perceive people, it is a huge set of classes, differing both form bud and its coloring. Some of these plants intended for cultivation on a commercial scale with the subsequent implementation in flower shops around mIl. Another part is widely used as an ornamental plant for gardens and becoming an integral element of landscape compositions parks, gardens. Naturally, such plants require certain care during periods of reproduction, growth, flowering, as, unlike their wild cousins, they are more susceptible to various pathogensth disease. More details about each of them can be found on the website and in this article we will try to outline the problem in general.

Classification of Diseases roses

Rose, without proper care becomes defenseless against pests, even with all its external perfection, just as peopleovek for all its sophistication over, helpless in the face of a huge number of diseases. Considering all roses threatening diseases, they can be divided according to the degree of influence on those that reduce the decorative effect (attractive appearance) rose, and those that can actually lead to its demise.
In general, the classification of theRose diseases rather extensive, including more than 270 different species of fungal diseases, as well as about 50 diseases are caused by various insects (herbivores). Approximate classification of diseases of plants is as follows:

  • General disease. This group includes diseases such as muchnismelting mildew, rust, various groups of necrosis (burns, necrosis of cortical shrinkage branches, etc.), gray and root rot species, various bacterial diseases (cancer, roots or stems), viral infectious diseases (banding, bronze, spotting, etc. .d.), a whole range of spot (pestalotsiya, poronosporoz, ramulyarioz, etc.);
  • NeiInfectious disease. It occurs due to exposure to plant a variety of external factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, time, lack of nutrients, increased concentrations of pesticides, chlorosis;
  • The diseases caused by pests: different kinds of aphids, beetles, mites, sawyers, jewel beetles, etc.

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