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What is a household steam generator

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The further in the development of humanity goes, the moreand expands its needs. In this constant race for comfort, the search for new technologies and gadgets that expand our capabilities, they somehow become dependent on electricity. Cover the needs of humanity as it may be the major power plants, for example, nuclear power, in which the energy of nuclear fission of uranium is converted into heatw steam energy, which in turn is transformed into electrical energy in the generator. It is a complex production chain, which plays the role of an intermediate pairs energy source. To produce it at the stations use a special device - steam generator. The same or similar techniques can be used freely in the home, in a veryit for other purposes.

What is home steam?

In contrast to the industrial power of steam generators, their household "colleagues" are much smaller and much safer, including because they perform very different tasks. Household steam generator generates steam at temperatures above 160degrees. In terms of design, it consists of a boiler (in fact - a container with water, which is heated by the built-in heating element), the generated steam supply system (nozzle or a special steam hose), and nozzles for spraying vapor (mostly steam iron). < / p>

The purpose of the steam generator

Anyone wouldtum used for pressure jets of hot dry steam. But it is his logical destination, and the steam is used for cleaning and smoothing the fabric (upholstery, clothing). In combination with a steam generator iron is a much more effective system for ironing fabrics, rather than the usual for us to iron. An effectdue to a much more efficient stripping balls tissue. In addition, the hot dry steam, which is fed into the nip pressure, effectively removes various contamination, some of which could be used to remove only by dry cleaning.

Lines household steam generators

Among thein a market network models of steam generators, three main types of which are fundamentally different approach to the development of steam:

1. Steam boilers with volume. As mentioned above, this type of steam generator has a large capacity, wherein the water is heated to the temperature of vaporization. Ethe simplest type of steam generators, but this lie and all its disadvantages: a large volume of the tank takes up more space in the room, also have to wait until the water warms up and begins to generate steam.
2. Steam Fast. In contrast to the first type, the steam in the vaporization zone containingie the hot item, getting on the water that instantly turns into steam. They are more compact and more efficient in use.
3. Steam generators fed with constant water. Such generators have a permanent hydraulic connection with the intermediate water tank.


The steam generator for the house - a versatile tool for ironing clothes and other fabric items, and for their effective treatment.

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