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Anti-Cellulite Massage — It is one of the best ways to borotsya cellulite and fat deposits on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Human skin has a perfect, which is why already with age begins to show a problem many women have cellulite. Cellulite has many reasons to occur, but effective and efficient methods for its treatment not so much. The mainmeans to deal with it is correct, as well as a balanced diet and, of course, sport. Anti-cellulite massage has an indispensable tool to fight it. For example, you can sign up on your ad. After massage greatly helps to achieve the result that many women want to have a rather short period of time. Beforeyou start directly with a massage course, many qualified specialists advise their clients certainly go all the preparatory course. It required several sessions lymphatic drainage massage. He can, improve the efficiency of direct anti-cellulite massage, and   make it not traumatic, because lymphodrainageMassage has the ability to enhance the microcirculation, as well as to the outflow of well known lymph.

What is the specificity of anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage can be quite a bit of standard deficiencies. One of them has a painful procedure and it is related neposredstvenno with great sensitivity of human tissue. In order to avoid the pain, specialists use such techniques to control the depth of massage. The effectiveness of this anti-cellulite massage allows to provide a gradual transition from the surface all the tricks, right up to a deep massage. A further disadvantage already izvestnogantitsellyuitnogo of massage there are many treatments (ten to fifteen). This is because when the anti-cellulite massage is done, you just need a specialist how to restore as much as possible, as well as improve blood circulation in all the problem areas, and this takes time.

The zones, whichie included in the anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is performed locally, and it includes those areas in which the expressed cosmetic defect. When cellulite struck not only the traditional areas: thighs, stomach, buttocks, — but also the arms and back, the massage is carried out with alternating these areas.

The techniques that are used in anti-cellulite massage:

  • Stroking - is light and almost imperceptible movement of fingers specialist. With strokes begin and end any procedure. This method is only for a few minutes can improve blood circulation,and it also contributes to a very fast and efficient flow of blood;
  • Rubbing - it is almost the same as a stroke. But be filled with a little pressure. When the master performs grinding, it is widely must arrange the fingers of his hands. And it allows you to pretty much raise the tone of the skin, as well as significantly reduce thes subcutaneous fat;
  • pat - a series of strokes that are applied with a rather different intensities. Such strikes are knuckles, but first they are compressed in a fist. This technique is very effective when you need to fight cellulite;
  • through pressure - it is a deep or surfaceie clicking on all problem areas. It helps soften the cellulite areas and make them more vulnerable to all other methods. The method for controlling a well-known subcutaneous fat has a very effective due to the fact that it causes a rush of blood,   and it also works well on the compound tissues and can revitalizespine vessels.

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