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Useful information about goji berries

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In recent years, are often used exotic goji berries. What they are useful and how to eat them - weWe try to answer it in this article.

What are the goji berries?

All information about the berries is taken on the results of laboratory tests. If you do not take into account information about the miraculous properties of goji berries, as we read on the Internet, information about the research that is carried outon people almost none. For information several magazines research indicates that these berries have a large amount of protein, antioxidants and polysaccharides.
The berries also have such opportunities that stimulate cell immunity. Unfortunately, data on the effect of berry juice on the body of people - no.
The fact thatthe berries have active polysaccharides in the juice you need to speak only on the results of laboratory tests. As regards the natural conditions, the presence of antioxidants in the body of a man who uses such berries - not confirmed.

How to eat fruit?

Today Goji berries can beBuy mostly in dried vide.Kupit possible in the shop "Ducane plus" ( They are used as breakfast cereals, for example,   milk or yogurt, and their Doda in salads as fruit and vegetable juices. That is, use the berries, as well as any remaining dried fruit, so the possibility of large berries. You can soak them in water, then the berry will be similar to fresh.
The berries can be brewed as a tea and used as a tool that soothes. Moreover, the berries may be suitable for people of all ages. The most optimal to use them daily in an amount of not more than 20-40 grams per day.

Are there any side effects of consuming these berries?

The side effects of drinking goji berries really are. People who have a tendency to allergies to pollen may even get an allergic reaction. In addition, some people complain of abdominal pain. In these cases, you should immediately stop using the juice from the berries, or extracts thereof. Sometimes there is a problem thatIt lies not in the berries, and in the use of preservatives. Be sure to check the information on the use of preservatives in the product. For example, a preservative E-220 is in a human ailments, headache, nausea and diarrhea.
Some of the same people who often use goji berries have noticed that they appeared insomnia. From this it appears that at night they do not need to eat the berries. Always be careful when you buy berries, because they do not differ much od other berries. Therefore, they are often sold in the form of rotten.
It is important to know that not everything that is fashionable is high quality and has a certificate that corresponds to this. By the way, certificationhave to be both biological and environmental.
And in the end, goji berries are very healthy and tasty, but never forget that they really useful when are imported from Tibet. But those that are cultivated in Spain and then try to sell in stores do not always have the properties that delayut these berries are very popular and useful

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