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Causes of psoriasis

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Psoriasis - a common dermatosis characterized by skin rash. In psoriasis, the one and only body that can damage the joints are (psoriatichesky arthritis).
psoriasis have the same common disease like diabetes. In a small part of the   Europe it occurs in 3% of the population in the United States - 1%, Germany 1.5%, Denmark 2.3%, China with such a large population of only 0,3%.
The highly clinics, patients are 6 -9% disease psoriasis. PsoriasisIt can manifest from birth to old age. The male begins the emergence of the disease in 29 years, while women most often 27y.o.. In addition, both women and men suffering from psoriasis at the same frequency. Psoriasis - a skin disease, which can play the role of appearance, as heredity, and various factors okraronment. But recently in the pathogenesis of psoriasis, and even a large focus is on the breach of the immune system. Key following:

Genetic Epidemiology

In patients with this disease are the most common patients of their family, and these families are from the second line. Germanswas investigated that if one parent is sick with psoriasis is the development of the disease itself in infants from 14 to 25%, but if the two patients to 60%. It should be noted that there are two stages of the disease (early and late), so we can meet it, and diabetes. At the second degree of the disease only affects the nails and Soestyou, this degree is most often seen in 60 years.
This disease is not considered hereditary, but, like other factorial disease, it is also affected by genetic as well as precipitating factors. Aggravating factors such diseases are external (exogenous) and internal (endogenous) factors.

Exogenous provotsistimulating factor in the occurrence of psoriasis

It is physical: insect bites, sun and X-rays, mechanical damage to the skin, surgical scars, scrapes, burns, injuries, dermoabraziya, tattoo, vaccination.
Chemical factors: the toxic effects of drugs, as well as antipsoriatichecal and dermatitis from chemicals.
The inflammation of the skin, which leads to the epidermis: dyshydrosis, pink zoster, acne vulgaris, fungal diseases of the skin, herpes zoster, pyoderma, allergic dermatitis, diagnostic tests to determine any   chrome allergy, cosmetics, formalin and nickel.

Endogenous Provokesguides factors in the occurrence of psoriasis

It infectious diseases especially HIV and streptococcal etiology. The first eruption begins after a very acute infectious disease or poor vaccination. A major role in young children playing in the development of psoriasis - an infection of the upper respiratory tract, and often allof this group A streptococci and G. HIV is usually associated with severe psoriasis, and two such disease leading to death.
Also, the role of psychogenic factors in the development of psoriasis is important. Psoriasis impairs the patient's life, and when they are in pretty stress due to illness, it is more difficult to treat. It is also a bad factor in psoriasisis smoking and drinking. Men and women who are not a healthy way of life, psoriasis manifests itself more and more severe.

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