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Every human body is part of the world, and therefore its existence, functioningsc, livelihoods fully integrated into the system of the universe. At the same time, the totality of the relationship between people and nature is called a way of life. Obviously, this concept can be creative, destructive, or intermediate color, which in turn corresponds to such a personalized concepts as hFedorov, healthy or not an alternative lifestyle. A particular intonation in this matter is obviously determined by the benefits of certain relationships, behavior in certain situations. Logically, a way of life directly affects important that there is any man - his health. In this regard, the term "healthy lifestyle" (HLS), more about which can be found on the resource, becomes extremely relevant, especially in our time.

Why is it important to lead healthy lifestyles and what it depends on?

Sometimes it may be in principle, the logical question: "Why so worried about healthy lifestyle, because the level of development of modern society, in particularand medicine extremely high? ". It is believed that medicine can solve all the problems and live happily, but it is not so. Even if we do not take into account the presence of non-healing incurable and difficult diseases, statistics tell us that, that most of the medicine our health depends on all   by 10 percent in the OStal as it is influenced by the environment (20%), genetics (20%) and most importantly - a way of life (50%). Obviously, the HLS is a major component of full health, which in turn is the main guarantee full implementation of its human physiological and social functions, the realization of his capabilities, desires, skills and so on.

What is HLS?

From all the above we can make the logical inference that healthy lifestyle - this is not one or two rules or recommendations, and the whole complex, which ideally should be formed from early childhood on mental , behavioral, social, physiological, etc. levels. Given that aEach Member has different abilities and the conditions for their implementation, approaches to their "Health restoring" may be different, but still there are a few basic components, without which it is not possible to consider HLS full:

  • formation and instilling the basics of healthy lifestyle (healthy habits, skills) from an early age;
  • life in a safe and blahrable for this environment, that is, where there are no direct threats to human health and life, both natural and man-made disasters;
  • a complete rejection of bad habits (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc.);
  • adherence to healthy eating (moderate, accented on the needs of specific ThRights food intake, avoidance of harmful products, etc.);
  • regular physical activity, including sports, preventive gymnastics;
  • observance of rules of personal and collective hygiene.

Of course, no healthy lifestyle could be considered a fully stocked if to thesem rules are not added peace of mind, positive thinking and mood.

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