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Tibetan medicine on the causes of diseases

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acquainted with the teachings of Tibetan medicine andAyurvedic you have the impression that the main cause of illness is not a violation of vital heat, and an imbalance of the doshas: wind (vata), phlegm (kapha) and bile (Pete). Although in reality, there is mutual causal relationship: an imbalance of the doshas is the cause of disorders of vital heat, and disorders of vital heat is the causeimbalance of the doshas. Learn more detail about PRINCIPLE you can in the center "Kerala".
Dosha incorporated into the human body from birth, and their combination determines the type of the constitution of man as well as a combination of three triplets of nucleotides determines the genetic code. Dosha meansso what harm. It doshas are considered Tibetan medicine as the cause of diseases that cause disturbance of the vital heat. But diseases occur only when the causes of disease can occur due to factors that lead dosha in motion. These factors exhibiting disease yavlyaeyutsya demons, poor diet,unhealthy lifestyle (not favorable for your constitution, and living conditions), adverse climatic conditions.
So the basis manifestations of the disease is the accumulation of dosa dosa + conditions of manifestation, when they are set in motion.
For example, the fire is not alwaysoznikaet where there is a straw, but only if there is a spark. But if the straw moisture, then the spark flame lights up.
Since tuberculosis affects not all men, but only those whose body is beneficial for this disease.
Another and more vivid nreamer is an allergic reaction that occurs on any substance allergen. For example, dog hair, some people even cause angioedema, and many asthmatics disease is exacerbated when blooming gardens. But please tell me, is dog hair, or fragrant flowers are a cause of the disease? Of course not, as well as tuberculousth bacteria are not the cause of tuberculosis.
And tuberculous mycobacteria, and fragrant flowers, and dog hair are the spark that ignites the fire, if the body has « sickness straw & raquo ;, that is overly exercised dosha and its poison. But other than that, for the manifestation of the disease should be beneficiallogical profile conditions of its manifestations, such as straw should be dry, and even the combustion air is required.
But, in addition, that hurts both dosa dosa has a specific functional purpose. So wind dosha controls the process of gas exchange, which include ceBOJ inhalation of air, oxygen binding to hemoglobin, oxygen delivery to the tissues, and the release of hemoglobin dissociation of oxygen training oxygen, ie. e. the splitting of its molecule to a radical oxygen needed for cell respiration, as well as the release of carbon dioxide from the tissues, transport of carbon dioxide in the lungs and SALTobozhdeniya blood of carbon dioxide in the lungs due to its expiration.
Redundancy dosa « wind » strain and enhances all the processes described above, which leads to decompensation regulatory systems of gas exchange processes, whereby to accumulate in the bodysha « wind » literally: carbon dioxide and oxygen can not be disposed of as follows accumulate in the tissues, and to cover the intercellular gaps cause air mikroemolii (microthrombuses). Consequently, the broken tissue respiration and energy « vital heat » weakens.
Famousfirst Buryat Tibetan medicine expert Peter Badmaev in his book « Fundamentals of Medicine of Tibet » notes that all diseases occur disorder dosa « wind » and always, these disorders are cured in the least.
However, the principal atranks disorders « wind » is exhaustion, overwork, lack of sleep, the hard work on an empty stomach, the use of brute calorie foods, excessive vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss, fear, sadness, grief, and mourning, despair, urges restraint, excessive satisfaction passions. All of this leads to gas Disordersbmena in the body. A gas exchange is very important for life, what would happen if breathing stops for a few minutes?
And it turns out that the breath is external, but there is also a tissue, not least, and it regulates the process of « wind » in the body.
The most sensitive to disturbances « wind » is the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and musculoskeletal system. Such disorders as loss of consciousness, dizziness, tinnitus, weakness, delay in feces, urine, paresis, paralysis , cramps, bloating, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, etc. .. ised signs of the disorder, "the wind." Disorders « wind » can affect any organ, depending on where the formed gas slugs.
The main features of the disorder « wind » a deterioration of the patient in the presence of the aboves conditions of accumulation « wind & raquo ;, as well as in the presence of adverse conditions, exciting « wind & raquo ;: eating cold food, stress, drafts, such as the patient gets worse on an empty stomach, or in the use of coarse or cold food or after a certain movements, or a particular joband sleep, nourishing food, rest, warm room to improve the condition.
In addition to this disorder « wind » diagnosed by language, pulse, urine and mirror. Language wind dry, hard, rough, red, astringent taste in the mouth. Pulse « wind » empty, superficial, thin, with hard stiffvessel wall. Urine wind slightly colored, strongly foams and bubbles disappear quickly, because too much gas liquids.
People « wind » stooped, thin, restless, speaking, passionate, impulsive, but get tired very quickly. Short-lived, low wealth in them.
For the treatment of disorders of gas exchange in the body of Tibetan medicine offers warm temperature and psychological environment, rest, sleep, nutritious food, in particular the use of oil, unrefined oil (sesame, flax, etc.). , barley porridge, cooked in milk, bone broth,honey, garlic and onions. After gas exchange disorders cause increased free radical processes and oxidative stress, which is needed to neutralize the anti-oxidants, which a lot of fat in the form of fat-soluble vitamins. Additionally, when oxidative stress free radicals damage cell membranes, by nature is lipid pageCOMPACT, and the proceeds of lipids with natural fats protects cell membranes from damage. After all, free radicals are exhausted in the esterification of fats and esterified fatty acids are good energy food cells.
bone broth saturated with glycineohm, macro- and microelements (phosphate, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, etc.).. Which a lot of bones. All that protects cells from damage and normalizes energy.
So science has long known that the introduction of glycine prevents the development of stroke in predinsultnomu condition, normalizes the serdechnew vascular system. A major source of glycine is bone gelatin.
The main factor in the creation and accumulation of dosa is the imperfection of man on the way to becoming a harmony between its immortal spirit and mortal matter. So passion engenders « vetEP & raquo ;, anger and hatred breeds « & raquo ;, bile and ignorance breeds « slime & raquo ;. More details of this will be discussed in the next section.
People type « bile » body yellowish, sweats and smells strongly, they are smart, conceited, body volume and richness of their medium, hunger and thirst LiuDi type « bile » carrying heavy. Emotionally vulnerable to fire of anger that is hard povstrimaty. Love the sweet, tart and bitter.
And the conditions that lead to disorders dosa « bile » is overheating, stay in hot and dry climates, the use of poisoned food, excessivetion the use of alcohol, hot, spicy, sour and salty taste, straining and lifting heavy weights, beatings and tissue damage.
All diseases « heat » are due to disorders of bile doshas, ??although disorders dosa « bile » leadas disease « & raquo ;, heat and disease « cold ».
Due to excessive intoxication worsens the liver's ability to bind toxic bile acids, which, having active detergent properties (ie properties of soap) damage the liver cells themselves and others aboutRGANI and tissues. Owing to the active detergent action of toxic bile acids are damaged cell membranes of the body. In blood products grow membrane destruction prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which are Golon factors and inflammatory and autoimmune processes which raise the body temperature. And also increase the propensity ofand inflammatory response to tissue. The royal physician and expert on Tibetan medicine Badmaev Peter writes in his book that the cause of tuberculosis is not Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and catarrh in the lungs, which is favorable to the microbes multiply and caused tuberculosis, which results from a process of bile disorders.
Because when blooming gardens and flower pollen causes asthma, how can we say that the cause of asthma is pollen. Do not increased reactivity of the organism is the cause of asthma. A pollen is only a spark that breaks the disease,as well as the TB bacteria, viruses, hepatitis
is the spark that ignites the fire of disease.
The excessive use of sour, spicy and salty foods are not only increase toksichnihy bile acids, but excessive activationproteolytic digestive enzymes kinin system. A major mediators of inflammation are kinins, next to prostaglandins and leukotrienes.
So, to get rid of chronic diseases with inflammatory phenomena should be regulated processes bile disorder that causingby heat illness.
To do this, Tibetan medicine offers us to use cooled boiled water, especially on an empty stomach, fresh butter, olive oil, goat milk, fresh milk going sour, rice, porridge. Should refrain from eating hot, spicy, sour and salty foods, large qtyETS meat and alcohol. Need peace and coolness prohibited exercise and massage. And one of the means treat hvoby « heat » and is the highest-mentioned « Sandal ».
The weakening of the liver function and disease also causes cold bile: reduction and removal of cholesterol esterification and CNItion content of bile acids in the bile is the cause for the deterioration of the digestive system, and the deterioration of the body's metabolism, which is especially dangerous in age, because due to this enhanced process of aging, and rapidly progressing disease. Therefore, to overcome the cold bile disease Tibetan medicine offers drink cholagoguefunds that possess the nature of heat, and it is remelted butter, garlic, honey, hot spices and already known to us « Energetin ».
By the process of bile disorders are the most sensitive liver, lung, and small intestine. The main symptomsdisease « bile » yellowing of the sclera, skin, urine, itching of the skin, excessive thirst, urine sediment with a thick steam, bitter taste in the mouth, fever, insomnia, yellow with a strong odor of stools, worse from warm food, meat, wine.
In the cold « bile » All opposite signs, thus from slababosti « fire » digestive stool is colorless.
Pulse bile fast, intense, broad language bile yellow, covered with a thick coating, urine, bile reddish -yellow, with a strong odor and vapor.
I remember when I was approached by a patient, who after obsledovaof the best clinics in the country have set multiple sclerosis. The reason for this was lack of coordination of movements and mild muscle weakness. However, after examination of the methods of Tibetan medicine, it was found that the patient has no signs of « heat » bile: urine he had bilesa, pulse soft, thin and weak, and the patsient was pale and weak; which gave reason to exclude multiple sclerosis.
After all, science is known that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease caused by damage to the myelin sheath of nerve fibers aggressive immune complexes. And the immune aggression qualifies Tibetan medicine as bolezHb « bile » with signs of heat in the mirror pulse, tongue and urine.
So mild muscle weakness in our patient was due to trophic disorders, ie malnutrition nerves and muscles because of the cold « bile » and compensatory gain processes « wind » and « Slime & raquo ;. On the basis of the establishment of disorders as qualified « cold bile » were treated and the patient is fully recovered.
When « bile » scattered across the skin itch occurs when penetrating in pigtails aching joints over itand there are swelling and heat in the body, and the bile in the lungs causes them catarrh, expectorated sputum yellow, if it enters the kidney occurs yellowness behind the ears, back pain, fever in the body. Allergic reactions and blurred vision are also associated with disorders of bile processes.
For the treatment of diseases « & raqu bileo; used natural ingredients that have the power of the Month: saffron, sandalwood, Swertia, Momordica, mummy et al., which are included in the formulation « Sandal ».
However, drugs with a cool nature excite dosa « wind » and so at the beginning of treatment is sometimes bloating and simplextoms of the disease recede, and though very slowly, but eventually disappears altogether.
Dosh « slime & raquo ;, and in Ayurveda it is called kapha, is a system of circulation of fluids, which connects all of the elements of the human body, carries vzaemobmen between them, and also serves as a physical support. Reasonth its disorders at the spiritual level is ignorance, that is, not understanding its true nature, its purpose and coexistence with the environment.
People type « slime » body cool, soft and white yasiste, joints and bones nowhere sticks, they have rounded shapes, hunger and thirst, they claimerenosyat easily, and their sleep is strong, the body is large, they live long and hard. Although they have a tendency to obesity.
« Slime » generated sweets, except honey, cool climate, consumption of coarse poganoperetravlyuemoi food, lazy, inactive lifestyle, excessive power, suction, Constantnym dip in the cool water.
Hypothermia and cold is nothing but the disease « slime & raquo ;, and fever at the same time even though it is a symptom of « heat & raquo ;, which refers to disorders « bile » and the heat shield whichlights up in response to the « cold & raquo ;, as well as in the home heating is turned on, when it's cold. There disorder « slime » the body tries to neutralize the efforts of processes « bile & raquo ;. Therefore, when the disease « cold » there « & raquo ;, heat but should be treated as a disease « cold & raquo ;, usedThread components that have the power of the sun. Here pihodit principle: « Fight fire kicked ».
However, if the disorder « slime » intensified in the body « heat » in patients with disorders « & raquo ;, bile that fever will be excessive if the patient becomes unbearably hot, tempehture high, severe intoxication, then the disease should be treated as a disease « & raquo ;, heat giving, for example, « Sandal ».
But, if the patient is at high temperature is cold and want to bundle up if it shakes and fever, if there is a strong body aches, it is cold and should give « Energetin ».
Consider the mechanism as accumulated physical dosa « slime »?
When it is cool, the blood vessels on the surface of the body spazmiruet, and the blood goes into other vessels, which increases blood volume andcapillary hydrostatic pressure grid grows. Increasing pressure in the capillary filtering grid enhances blood through the capillaries and greatly increase the amount of interstitial fluid and mucus on mucosal surfaces. Fabrics like swell, worsening their nutrition and metabolism, there are congestion and sclerotic processes in the setGIH swollen joints and arthritis occurs, especially in the elderly, when the circulatory system becomes less adapted to fluctuations in the microcirculation.
If the processes « slime » increase, the amount of interstitial fluid is increased, resulting in poor metabolismtissue regeneration, circulation of immune complexes and the immune system, cells swell and processes energy in them worse. Therefore, disease « slime » - it is cold disease, although sometimes, « slime » calls « heat & raquo ;, as in our example with a cold and fever.
In diseases « slime » more likely to suffer stomach, kidney, pancreas and joints.
Terms of generating disease « slime & raquo ;: excess of bitter, sweet, heavy, cool, greasy or oily, sleep in the day, after eating, excessive drinking, milk, lying on the cheeseEating before, how to digest the previous one, all undercooked, frozen.
Diseases « slime » exacerbated in the spring or in the rainy season, the condition worsens in the morning and evening after meals.
« Slime » heavy as the earth, it does not win quickly, soit should be treated for a long time. For the treatment of the most suitable type of medication « Energetin » and « Rasayana ».
The diet should be such: fresh warm boiled water on an empty stomach after eating honey, ginger tea, hot spices, pomegranate, well-seasoned dry wine, fish, lamb, sea buckthorn, rhubarb. Mode comprisesI was to bask in the sun, dress warmly, useful moderate exercise, massage, sexual activity can not sleep during the day.
However, strong medicine to calm the doshas is a spiritual transformation. And our life in any way is a process of spiritual transformation. And as nop until passion engenders « & raquo ;, wind generates anger « & raquo ;, bile and ignorance breeds « slime & raquo ;, « wind & raquo ;, « bile » and « slime » will generate disease. In Tibetan treatise written: « as a bird can not break away from his shadow, so people will be under the authority of Bolezney, until then, until it becomes spiritually perfect. »
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