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What delights and where they can be ordered?

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In our world, in any case, toour planet, there are fundamental laws of physics that determine the possibility or impossibility of what is happening here. One of the most fundamental laws are the laws of Newton and the thermodynamic laws that govern energy metabolism in the process of contacting the various systems. Without going too much into theoretical DOSovy physics and try to explain the situation in the real practice, you get something like this: in order to do something, you need to spend a certain amount of energy. For example, in addition to the vehicle has traveled a certain speed, a certain distance, it must be burned in the engine a certain amount of fuel.However, these provisions apply not only to various technical systems, because people throughout the day makes a lot of action, it is obvious that the cost of internal calls, not so obvious, such as automotive fuel, energy. And if the car is necessary to add fuel to extend its work, the person, and any other living withuschestvo on the planet uses for this food.

The distribution of ration

The world of fauna, which includes a person can be divided into two groups on the composition of the diet:

  • Predators - the living species that feed on other living species;
  • Herbivores - living species that do not use food as the meat of their own kind.

The diet of the animals as predators and herbivores is largely determined by their habitats. In humans, there is also a similar situation as the basis of the diet, as a rule, are food (as Mrs.votnogo and plant origin) which are specific to the region of residence. But most people do not eat raw foods (such as meat), and preparing a variety of them, as traditional dishes for a specific area.

What is a delicacy?

Among the variety of national cuisiness in different parts of the world, always be a place for dishes that vary rare, consummate taste and aroma atypical for traditional dishes. At different times, the notion that such a varied delicacy. In the Middle Ages, for example, such an essential product for the majority of the peoples of the world, as the potatoes were a delicacy, as hisnot grown massively. Today, a number of specialties it is safe to carry the red and black caviar, foie gras, truffles, swallow's nest, puffer fish (sushi) and many others.

Online Store « Delikateska »

Moscow, which inhabit the 12 to 15 million Repretives of different nationalities, to get some delicacy is much easier than in the province where this principle is not accustomed to. Especially, if there is such a handy tool for searching and ordering of goods as. Shop « & raquo ;, Delikateska registered in Moscow on the street. Top Fields 51A allows the most unexpected purchasesand also to join the previously unseen tastes completely without spending unnecessary time and money on shopping trips. The advantage of the format of an online store is that everything is in one place, it is convenient to find, pay for and receive, in addition, the site contains a huge amount of related information to help make the right choice.

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