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Why is it better to buy blankets

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The man, despite his consummatespine and edge over the rest of the world, is much more dependent on the simple things, rather than any single representative of the animal world. It's pretty easy to imagine, analyzing, for example, such an integral part of human life as a dream. This is a universal mechanism for the recovery of vitality, which gave us the nature itself. But the modernsome people have modified its original form to fit your wants and needs. For example, we do not sleep, like a leopard in a tree, or like a lion in the bushes on the grass, not because it is impossible in principle, but because it is not comfortable, and the body is in a position fully restores your life. In order to organize and the right komfortnogof sleep we need a separate room (bedroom), surface to sleep with the necessary characteristics in terms of orthopedic effect (bed and mattress) and a blanket, which we harbored and intuitive as in the womb, feel warmth, comfort and protection from just the world.

Lines blankets

All presentuyuschie blankets on the market can be classified into two main parameters - size and material. Speaking of size, often have to deal with blankets or a queen double. Where manufacturers are oriented on standard size beds. But given the variety of sizes of bed linen, and other objectively exist, wotvetstvuyuschie sizes blankets. As for the material, the choice of the manufacturer in this regard still quite broad, since most popular natural (cotton, wool, feather) and artificial (sintepon, hollofayber, polyesters, etc.) fibers. It is also possible to achieve a combination of a more targeted effect (withdrawalmoisture, improved insulation, etc.).

Benefits blankets

From all of the above list of blankets, most are traditional woolen blankets, by the way, they can be purchased from the online store of home textiles « Diva & raquo ;:. They are traditionally made of sheep's wool on the Lengthenii centuries and even millennia. As an option, including from the viewpoint of availability of the material may be used for the manufacture of blankets goat or camel hair. Manufacturing process itself can occur in two ways, whereby the output is different in structure and properties blankets:

  • Quilted (denser, better retain heat and are used as a winter version of the blanket);
  • Pledovye (less dense, lightweight, ideal for the summer) .

In view of natural materials, blankets are better than others retain heat in our body, they are quite warm, light and strong (long serve in active service). Another striking feature is, blankets - the ability to actively absorb moisture (a quilt can absorb moisture, equal to 30%of its own weight, and thus remains virtually dry). These properties significantly improve the microclimate in the bed and help to improve the atmosphere of sleep.


Nature itself provides us with tools that allow you to consider all of our needs, using natural materials and a blanketa vivid example.

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