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Exemption of physical training

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In order to design release neposredstvenoenno of physical education in any school, in any medical reason, or more precisely - the problems are related to health, it is necessary to obtain a medical exemption from physical education. If you wish to obtain a specific paper, a medical certificate with such name does not exist today. RussianI Federation in order to ensure that uses quite different medical certificates, which are completely different purpose (it is only one direction, which is used in these types of documents).

During the call, we often refer to the term "medical Help for exemption from physical education "varied the Documentationyou who can provide this exemption. This expression, of course, makes sense, but medspravka of physical training not only give a medspravki that eliminates physical education during the learning process.

So medspravka of physical culture - it is such a medical certificate, whichIt points directly to the essence of the problem, which is related to the health of the individual. It can also   contraindication to make   and give, of course, the release of physical culture.

What kind of help is needed and when it is possible to write:

Also, you can not say thatmedspravki all tend to provide relief from physical training.   To date, there are   a list of such documents directly. Of course, they differ from one another by the fact that if we take separately each medical certificate, they imply exemption from physical training completely different life and,f course, on various grounds.

The first thing you need to do is turn our attention on the procedure, which operates in the educational institutions of Russia, in relation to the process of teaching physical education and physical education, and, of course, on the order, which provides exemption from physical education acccorrela- of certain categories of students as well as students. By the way it must be said that the exemption from physical training for both acts almost the same pattern.

The main contraindications to have a release for physical culture and sports in educational institutions directly:


  • All chronic and acute diseases that are aggravated;
  • Features is physical development (disproportion between the length of the trunk and limbs, types of deformities of the chest, upper extremities, pelvis);
  • Travmy and neuropsychiatric diseases (epilepsy, mental retardation, parasitic, infectious, viral disease of the central nervous system itself);
  • Diseases of the internal organs;
  • Surgical diseases (diseases of the spine, bone and cartilage, and so on. D.)
  • Diseases and injuries ENT (ear diseases, nose, throat, pharynx, larynx and trachea, which are accompanied by disorders of respiratory function);
  • The diseases and eye injuries.

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