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Symptoms and treatment of prostatitis

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The problem of prostatitis in our time is fairly serious and actFlax. Almost every man has to face a huge risk so dangerous to his health condition. Indeed, the feeling experienced during a nightmare, after which you wake up   in full sweat, completely loses its effect and power when it comes to prostate and its effects on her. Of course, it is not a sentence, Beholdychas there are many methods and techniques for the treatment of prostatitis, as well as a huge number of advertisements, magazines, websites,   able not only to reveal in full all the features and symptoms of the disease, but also help get rid of it once and for all. Thus, for example, can serve as a site, which you will find all the necessary and pHandy information about prostatitis and various methods of treatment for him.

The main symptoms of prostatitis in men

If we talk about the main symptoms of male diseases, from the beginning of the next start of fever. If there is a steady increase in temperature (up to 38 ° C or higher), it may thspeak about the early stages of prostatitis.   It is also possible unpleasant irritation and pain in the most sensitive region of the stronger sex. I have problems with urination, which is also an indicator of an unpleasant factor and the occurrence of prostatitis. Therefore, if you experience   like that discomfort, you should think about Vizithose to the doctor, which in any case do not need to be avoided.
So, the above symptoms belong to the first stage of prostatitis. This stage is interesting and specific so that not all men the strength to find them at once. Another problem is that such phenomena   can occur   from time to time, slowly losing its strengthy and   efficiency.

This syllogism often brings men into deep confusion, creating them the illusion that these are symptoms of — a mere trifle, which will drive the eggs are not.   But after a while, the pain begin to be felt   more intense, attacking his « victim » already owlsthe family is not a child. Therefore, to avoid the second stage of development of prostatitis,   not   to delay the visit to the doctor. The sooner you seek help, the   You will be easier to prevent the disease in the future. If the sufferer will delay treatment indefinitely, the parenchymal phase of prostatitis it will not escapeamb. In other words, the pain will be accompanied with purulent inflammation of the prostate, creating symptoms even worse complications.

The signs of this state are not willing to give the best of yourself:

— a serious condition of the patient, the gradual deterioration of health;
— body temperature, accompaniedGiving a fever reaches 42 ° C;
— Augmentation abdominal pain during urination and defecation;
— the appearance of weakness, headache and muscle pain;
— lack of appetite;
— the rapid emergence of urinary retention;

If no measures are taken, all this can escalatethe chronic form of the disease. Treatment at this stage is very difficult and hard, not to mention themselves as symptoms: a complete lack of good performance of the bladder (urinary incontinence, nocturnal urination, and so on. D.). And the problems of sexual life can even write a book.

Treatment of prostatitis

, Thishour, there are many recommendations and advice on the treatment of prostatitis. For example, it may be well-thought out   special exercises of the prostate, the treatment of this disease with the help of aspen, black elder, chestnut,   propolis, parsley, celandine, and more. If you want to know much more detail about the treatment and the Rev.Arat from such diseases, said the site will help you in this situation.


So, take care of yourself and your health! Do not tighten with the treatment at the first signs and symptoms immediately   Contact a doctor! Anyone who wants to find out all completely necessary and important proprostatitis and methods of treatment, the site Prostatitanet.Kom — great find for realization conceived.  

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