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What are the mattresses

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How many people have experienced by example discomfort from nekachlic bed. Ill-conceived purchasing bed entails a series of back problems, poor sleep and ultimately unimportant state of health at all levels. Irritability from lack of sleep, which is caused by the constant spinning in search of a comfortable position for sleep and repeated awakening per night due to uncomfortable   bed. And what to speak of Liuto date; with     back problems – for them it is just the torments of hell during sleep. Also familiar with this kind of problem people in which the bed from the outset and can purchase has been wonderful, but as a result of long use of the procedure and exhausted its possibilities to show their spines as got out of the springs and valleys,which adversely affects comfort and sleep quality. These people understand that energy boost from a good sleep depends not only on the number of hours slept, as well as the place where the process of dreaming. It is better to have to sleep on the hard floor, rather than trying to sleep on the deformed beds … or do more intelligent – samplesr?sti mattress!


Mattress – it's such a wonderful thing, which promotes excellent relax and sleep due to evenly distribute the load on the human body, which is achieved by hundred percent up body contour of a sleeping man. Alsomattress unlike conventional medical device is that creates a preventive and healing effect on the back and especially on the spine. Sleeping on a mattress orthopedic different special convenience that affect the state of the back, but in addition to these factors, the main advantage of this type of mattress, it is his Bavnoy function – complete recovery of the body. Orthopedic mattresses on the order of conventional rigid because of the number of springs and a number of other factors that ensure the healing process. Although conventional mattress is much softer than orthopedic, comfort and pleasure, you can reach it with a miraculous orthopedic products.

Lines mattresses

All mattresses and orthopedic among them conditionally divided into two main groups:

  • Spring;
  • Springless.

Depending on the method of manufacturing orthopedicscal mattress is determined by its type. Pillowtop mattress consists of a spring block, and from the construction Springless soft filler.

The blocks that make up the mattress, divided into the following type of manufacturing bases:

  • Bonnel springs from the dependent;
  • of independent springs.

orthopedic mattress can be filled with the following materials:

  • coconut coir;
  • latex;
  • memoriform;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • periotek;
  • combined;
  • and so on. D.

The advantage of an orthopedic mattress

Medical mattresses identifies the following medicinal properties:

  • prevention of degenerative disc disease;
  • LEVELINGparti- cle back;
  • stimulate blood circulation;
  • good body condition;
  • and so on. D.

mattresses also has the following advantages:

  • silent;
  • durability;
  • kachestvennost;
  • and so on. D.

There are different types of mattresses, which have their advantages and disadvantages. For maximum effect, a curative effect on a specific body need to carefully select the Naibolee good option for you.   But regardless of the selection criteria, you need to buy a mattress only in specialized stores not to buy a fake, as well as a guarantee of the authenticity of goods – with a certificate that   confirms the originality of the product.    

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