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What are fitokompozitsii

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Someone comes to the use of medicinal stretcheny after ineffective attempts to recover medical drugs, someone starts treatment with fitokompozitsy, while others use them as a prevention. Regardless of the reasons that have pushed for such a method of restoring health, everyone can make a positive effect on the use fitokompozitsy. Since ancient times toshek ancestors self-limiting due to the forces of Mother Nature, which has given us a strong body and flora, which activates our cells   for any failure in the system of our body. The wisdom of thousands of years gave modern man the knowledge of the world in medications,   based on the use of plants. The ancient Tibetans, Chinese, Arabs owned snaniyami as possible to normalize women's and men's functionality with turmeric, asparagus, and other components to restore the nervous system due to the mint, raisins and strengthen the heart. It is not necessary to throw back what was achieved centuries and replaced by nizkorezultativnye medicines that heal one disease and provoke eachth.

What is fitokompozitsiya?

Fitokompozitsiya – a complex of herbs collected in ecologically   clean little corner of the planet and is focused on the therapeutic action. Depending on the symptoms of the disease and the source to find the right composition of the components, which has a healing effect on the core problemswe are using the active substances of biological action,   with the aim of improving and eliminating the source of pathological changes in the organism. Based selection of ingredients   drug   on plants that have a positive effect in the direction of improvement for deviations of specific organs. is created, building on the experience of their ancestors,scientific research and medical practice worldwide of all generations. Modern technology promotes the excretion of   fitokompozitsy new generation, which enhance the action of the primary functions of plants and contribute an additional effect.


Phytotherapy – This medical direction lecheniya, which is based on the use of medicinal plants that form the biological additives, phytocomplex fitokompozitsii and as a method of controlling diseases of different nature and complexity. Such drugs are derived by combining, crossing species, using roots, fruits and flowering. Herbal medicine is rarely designed for scaleuse of a single drug to a wider audience, and is oriented to the individual composition of the mixture to a specific person. The main advantage of herbal medicine is a complete absence of dyes, preservatives, synthetic raw materials and any piece of products. Also, when preparations fitokompozitsy carefully adhere to the proportions, technologistsand, techniques, methods and rules of storage, which are the key to success in herbal medicine.

Features curative effect

The modern herbal medicine and fitokomleksy as a tool in the fight against disease is allocated a number of features and benefits:

  • natural racesteny;
  • Minimal processing component that allows you to not lose the healing ability of plants;
  • multi-property;
  • multi-spectrum of activity;
  • no toxicity;
  • effective results.

With fitokompozitsy can achieve good results in all areas of the human body as herbal drugs have antimicrobial, immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory effect, and activate specific body forcedepending on the disease and the composition of human fitokompozitsy. All these factors contribute to the proper and healthy treatment, not persecution of the whole body with the destruction of everything good and bad that we have in our body.

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