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What are the ultrasound units

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Despite his evolutionary perfection, the human body, being in the villagetoyannom contact with nature, from her well and suffers because of factors that can cause the development of diseases or pathogens abound. To determine the exact diagnosis and proper treatment in many cases insufficient visual or tactile diagnostic methods. Even the tests are not able to give a realistic representationtion about the state of things as they only indirectly indicate a particular disease. Therefore, to diagnose the state of internal organs need to use additional, more informative methods of research. In this case, to obtain such results is possible either surgically or by using physical phenomena, allowing inossozdat   the real picture of what is happening. That is, all of these methods can be divided into invasive (requiring surgical diagnostic intervention) and non-invasive (therefore not require surgery). Naturally, the preferred methods of the second group (except for emergency cases), since then the patient is not required timewound healing. One of the most popular methods of this group is ultrasound or ultrasound.

The physical nature of the study

At the heart of any existing methodology is any physical phenomenon or principle, and the US is no exception. It is based on the so-called piezoelectricktrichesky effect which is used in construction machines, more precisely in their radiatively-receiving portion. Pezoellementy used in sensors and acoustic transducer ultrasound devices are both ultrasonic wave generator, and their receivers. The principle is simple device for ultrasound similar to the following: on pezoellementsupplied with alternating current, thereby constituting its crystals (e.g., quartz or a mixture of barium and titanium oxides) begin to experience mechanical vibrations by generating ultrasonic waves. When propagating in the thickness of the human body, they are necessarily encounter obstacles in the form of different organs and tissues, each ofbladaet different properties of absorbing waves (acoustic impedance). In the estimation of the parameters of the reflected waves, and ultrasound imaging is based.

Lines ultrasound devices

Given the diversity of existing models ultrasound devices, their classification is also quite diverse. By the way, an example of datapreparations are available. The classification takes place on the assessment of the following basic criteria:

  • In terms of mobility. There are ultrasound machines, stationary and portable (portable).
  • According to the breadth of diagnostic results. This test determines the quality and quantity of produced diagnosticheskoy information. Therefore, according to this criterion ultrasound machines can be divided into simple scanners, phones medium, high and highest level.
  • According to the number of research tools, all devices can be divided into two major groups: universal and specialized. To universal ultrasound devices,in turn, include scanners, scanners with Doppler and color Doppler devices. The specialized ultrasound devices include ehooftalmometry, fetal monitors, devices for the diagnosis of vascular echoencephalography, sinuscopy.

In addition, separately classified and used ultrasound machine sensorsWhich are divided into Convex, linear, microconvex, Doppler, phased.

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