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How pitatsya to be healthy?

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Proper nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy way a lifeand. Of course, if you combine it with exercise, then we can say is 100% that you will avoid illness. How to eat right? This question is asked a lot of people to doctors. They also recommend use less fatty foods, meat and more fresh vegetables and fruits. But the water should be drunk throughout the day, and drink at least 2 liters. Today we learnedeat, how to eat the healthy food, never to see a doctor.

The American scientists have conducted more than 100 studies and found how to eat. Diets are valid in cases when you have developed enough willpower. However, if it is not, at the same time that thedo? Scientists say that on the way to a useful diet has three components:

  • Convenience food;
  • The attractiveness of food;
  • normal food.

Let us consider what the proper nutrition and helpus in this razobratsya Ivanov PR - Editor Regional Medical portal Omsk, which, by the way, you'll find lots of interesting material on health, healthy lifestyles, as well as be able to find the city meducherizhdeniya and doctors need to profile.

What is a convenience food?

Everyoneoften a person uses the food, which is more convenient, that is, before the use of which does not need a long time to cook it. Therefore, in this case recommend to place around the house with fruit vase. When you want to eat, then choose this simple way: to reach out to the fruit. At work or school, you can take with you andfruit, but in any case do not buy fast food because these foods will only hurt your health.

What is the appeal of the food shown?

If you put a beautiful fruit bowl, then you will have a desire to eat it yabluchko on the attractive plate or a vase. By the way, the food attractivenessNoah does, for example, and their cost.

normal food

normal food is that food should be made available. That is, it does not need a long time to cook, or to come up with culinary delights. Remember that the less time you'll spend on it to make products in the food, the more usefulie it will be. Food should be consumed in the form in which you buy them. This does not apply to the meat and cereals, as it must be heat treated.

What foods increase the efficiency of the brain?

The American scientists have concluded that only four varieties of products, seeogut improve brain function. If you use them every day, the results will please you only. In particular, we are talking about:

  • Seafood , which contains in its composition of fatty amino acids and B vitamins . With their help, produced mountainsMona adrenaline and dopamine. Thanks to these substances is accelerated thought processes and the brain starts to work more actively.
  • Dairy products . These products increase the speed of thought using such materials as: calcium and magnesium.
  • Bean . These plants are rich in vegetable protein and contain a vitamin and mineral complex.
  • Tomatoes are a source of antioxidants, which function Protectiveyou brain cells.

Be healthy and take care of your diet!

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