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What are the varieties of dishes

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On the container, its purpose known to all. &Nbsp; All, without exception, like the mistress of a beautiful dish that pleases them in the kitchen, and brings an element of fun in the kitchen vanity. How long lain and enjoyable to cook in a pot in which nothing sticks. &Nbsp; A   the absorption of food in a beautiful dish to become a small holiday.

A bit of history

The ancient inhabitants of the planet have used utensils and storage, and cooking.   Tableware if different from the present and the forms and materials of manufacture. The material for the manufacture of the first dishes become clay. Its around was a lot, and processing it is easy to give in. also be used stone, wood, horn major railThe animal. After some time for making metal utensils steel used. In this dish it was easy to cook on an open fire. Dishes also be used for different ceremonies and rituals. This tableware was painted painted, decorated with precious stones. Later came utensils made of precious metals, silver and gold, itIt was a symbol of wealth, of power. The common people, all also used pottery. With the development progress,   New technologies are beginning to make the dishes from other materials. In the 20th century began to be used for the manufacture of stainless steel, and in the middle of the 50-tenths of the last century there was a   so fashionable today cookware coatedTeflon.

Species ware

Today tableware is no longer something inaccessible. Buy it does not take much. &Nbsp; You will be able to choose a dish from any material and any appearance. By the way, to buy high-quality dishes you can in the online store. All the dishes can be divided into such CATEGORYtheory:

  • Cast Iron Cookware .Insert for putting out different dishes, this material is environmentally friendly it is beyond doubt a great advantage. However, such dishes are very heavy, and requires special care;
  • Porcelain . It is very easy to care for, she is not afraid of changes in temperature, the refrigerator can be immediately put in the microwave, and the slightest shock is broken;
  • Ceramic ware . Dishes prepared in this villageoud, a very tasty, not over dried as ceramics easily breathable. In this dish can be baked vegetables and meat, bake different cakes, and so on. But it is very easy to such dishes absorb smells and temperature changes can cause cracks;
  • Cookware stainless steel . has bacteriostatic properties, this dish your food lasts longer and remain fresh. Such dishes, the most widespread in the house each family;
  • silicone utensils .Posuda silicone did not appear thatand for a long time, it is used for baking different cakes, cupcakes, it can bake anything   those who   even those never   I do not bake. This tableware easy to clean, but do not tolerate sharp objects that could spoil it. We must not forget that the life of such utensils are not durable and when it should be thrown away becausewhich can release toxic when heated bisphenol A.


The market now dictates the rules. So to be in demand need to know the needs of   customers.   And manufacturers produce today,   to maximize please all your needs. In any market, in a store or on the   you can easily find everything you need to enjoy every day of delicious food, prepared and served in a beautiful dish.

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