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Today, the production of construction Showotavlivayut many types of profiled sheet. In order to choose the one that is necessary for you, I suggest to consider one of the most common, that is.

How the profile sheet is made?

Corrugated C8 has a polymer coating. It is made from profilekatochnogo machineIn some cases use such equipment. Typically, data lists are not painted, but are allowed to use enamel paint. Incidentally, it can be both decorative and protective.

At home, it is not possible to produce a profile sheet, since it requires avtomatizirovaline of constant prices, that is a system of machines, or machines that perform their functions in a particular order. About the manufacturing process looks so: the material is put into raskativatel that bring the material to the required size and shape. Later, he was sent to a special guillotine which carry suitablecutting it, and then transmitted to the next deck receivers that act as the packaging of these letters.

As for the material, then use a steel that has already cleared the zinc surface. If necessary, the manufacturing process and add another machine that carries out the color of leavesb EB.

Corrugated C8 is of two types:

  • one-sided;
  • reversible.

The one-sided corrugated board used mainly to cover the greenhouse or the roof. As for the methods of application, they are different.

The main claimAdvantages of corrugated C8 are:

  • The low price compared to other profiled sheets;
  • Each sheet is easy to use, since it is easy (no more than 5 kg);
  • These lists are used in many areas;
  • Due to the fact that the weight is small, the flooring can be easily built on a skeleton of wood;
  • Sometimes it is used to cover the vehicles;
  • Fixing by means of screws, screws and rivets;
  • Installation waspmented easily, that is, it does not need special instruction;
  • This profile sheet has a fire-resistant properties, so it is advisable to use to upholster the walls of the hot shop or chimney.

The main disadvantages of corrugated C8 are:

  • Unfortunately, the long load the data sheet can not tolerate;
  • It is possible and wind distortion;
  • On the stage or stone installation is very difficult;
  • One should fasten using screws or screws with washers;
  • In areas where there is construction with vibration - Do not use C8 profiled.


So, there are many types of profile sheet. One of the most famous is profiled C8. Today you will learn about the basic advantages and disadvantages of this sheet. However, beforef you buy this coverage should consult with experts in order to recommend them to you how best to do it.

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