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What is the best bedding?

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Somewhere in the wilds of the Internet caught the eye of an interesting phrase that ThLovek can only sleep when sleep does not rest in the day to get up. Of course, this makes some sense, but I would also add that people poured out when he has a good bedding. &Nbsp; Once before about bedding and wonder at all was white, and the way it looks after washing, judgeda mistress.   In some underwear has always shone pristine white, others – acquired a gray shade.   I remember, I'll come to my grandmother, and she postelet smelling fresh linen, but still crisp – how well   then sleep! But perhaps it's just nostalgia for the carefree childhood, but who knows – truth in ethat there – Underwear should be clean. Now it is different times and whites somehow lost its demand – they all want to color. Probably, this is easier to wash, and it does not change color.

The impact of bed linen to the human dream.

The scientists argue that a dream man should take a day   at least 8 hours, and it – a third of all our time. It is believed that healthy sleep is more important than even exercise and eating. After all, the dream man fully regains his strength. Moreover, good sleep depends on our immune system, emotional state. After all, do not say nothing about the person irritable in the morning that he was entirelyTal   on the wrong foot. A   recently   is there all the time. And the reason is simple - lack of sleep, which leads to irritability, deterioration of mental abilities, and – Paradoxical as it sounds – hyperactivity. And there is another reason why the dream is to be healthy. The human body – is complexfirst mechanism needs constant tuning, and it is during sleep restores all the little glitches in our body that have occurred during the day. And in order to eliminate more such failures here, and need enough sleep. &Nbsp;   And linens in the « he plays a violin ».

Bedtion underwear should be chosen very carefully. Good underwear is expensive, but it is not necessary to skimp. After all, we are buying a very expensive clothes, but why did we save on the bedding? By the way, a wide range of natural linen available on the site TM "Aeneas Plus":.

Natural linen - excellent choice!

The linen should be involved in the recovery of the body. Therefore, the laundry needs to be made of fabrics of natural origin. During the night, our body loses about a liter of fluid through sweat, and underwear should absorb excess moisture, allowing the body to breathe, ie, It's okay to pass air. And what happens if the fabric syncal? There is a greenhouse effect. You are wrapped in a synthetic sheet, you warm, you sweat, and moisture has nowhere to go – B does not allow moisture to evaporate, and does not absorb too much. Of course, if you sleep on a bed, two day, then nothing will happen, but if you sleep all the time, it is fraught with consequences: the development of different skin Zaboeases. And, besides, and you will sleep restless, you all will stop.


As you can see, the selection of bedding and linen very important process. For healthy sleep is important to everyone. It is no wonder that in a fairy-tale princess prevented sleep small pea! Never fearSubscribe to be a princess, and treat yourself to a good quality bed linen. Honest – the result is worth it!

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