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What are the fault of washing machines?

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The basic malfunctions washing machines, always indicate incorrect operation, and always require the intervention of a specialist. Amongthe most common breakdowns required, allocate such:

can not heat the water

Almost 95% of the cases – This failure of the devices. Sometimes the reason is that there was a rush of the food chain. This usually means that the terminal is not broken. We « automatic machines » it is the individual brandsnot very rare.
The rest of   3% Breakage   falls on the faulty sensors in and out of robot control unit.
Note: in any case it is not necessary to repair the machine yourself.
Water can not enter the washing machine
It may be that there is no system pressure. Sometimes people forget to includeit overlapped tap water pipe that feeds the machine. Even more rarely can be found faulty valve. There is an option when there is a faulty control unit.
If the fault is present once again some time after the water plucked and washed away a little of the powder, then it is necessary to clean the filter.
Note: If the tap forindoor, then everything is clear. Clean the filter can be completely yourself.

The washing machine can not drain the water

How long have you cleaned the drain filter? If a long time, try to do it now.
If the filter is not being, then you have to make the change of the drain pump. Very often it breaks through clogged filter.
An importantbut: do not forget to constantly clean the filter, and then everything will merge perfectly.

Can not turn on the washing machine

Perhaps it just needs to plug into a wall outlet, or knocked out automatic protection. In cases where this is all correct, it means that the control unit might be damaged. Very rarely the cause exists FAILvnosti line filter.
Important note: try again to connect the machine. If you suspect that there is a fault block at the same time to call the master.

Washer constantly knocking

If there is increased noise machines, this can be regarded as its structural feature. If the knocks she started « & raquo ;, suddenly then you can consider   The following options as breaking machines. Be sure to consult a specialist in this case. Sometimes it happens through the hit   a foreign object inside the tank. Lingerie   It is spread unevenly on the drum, and therefore there was an imbalance. It is very often the caseum when the laundry washed linen.
So, there are many failures of washing machines. But remember that if cared for properly, then everything will work fine. If your machine there were any signs of damage, be sure to consult a specialist, because sometimes it can be self-helplko harm.
Good luck with the purchase and repair of washing machines!

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