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That presents an eyelash?

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Every woman wants to be beautiful. It is clear that this is possible with an unforgettable sight. Unfortunately, few women have long, beautifuls eyelashes that make your eyes large and expressive.

Cons eyelash in cheap masters:

If you did eyelash inexperienced master, then do not be surprised why the   Eyelashes beams sticking to the skin century, and they will be less likely to look weak and not even grow into oneside, very often people have allergic to certain materials.
Many people want to save, then they forget about that then they will walk pays twice. Today on the Internet you can read a lot of suggestions on how to build lashes, and you can use the services of other people. In most cases this inexperienced wizard totory is not too strained himself to learn all the technology. It is clear that they are   use only third-materials. Professional Master in turn, will not work for very little money. Girls, do not skimp on your beauty. Therefore, it is the first time to use the services of the professional napExample, in the company.

How to treat your lashes?

The first days are the most difficult, because the adhesive is not fully cured and so you need to be as cautious. There is a view that it is not necessary to wet the eyelashes rubbing, in any case do not visit a solarium and sauna, a watch face inpillow. Within 24 hours after the building you can do with them what was forbidden, that is, you can safely swim, take a shower, sunbathing, even comb their special raschesochkoy. In that case, when you apply a special cosmetics that have decorative on the eyelids, then you need to take it very carefully, using special toolsand which do not contain oil, they do not wash well eyes foaming agents in the shower. Careful use of fatty cream or face mask.

You can ink painting artificial eyelashes?

People who are increasing their eyelashes - especially doing it in order to avoid being painted. But if you want, they can nakrasit not waterproof mascara, and it is better to use a special gel ink that is designed for artificial eyelashes. Rinse mascara should be very careful when using water.

How long is the correction?

If you want to preserve the appearance of long eyelashes perfect, it is necessary to periodically Trendprojection of eyelashes. Professionals recommend every 3-4 weeks to make the correction.

You can remove all the artificial lashes yourself?

If you need more to remove all the lashes, then never try to do it yourself, it is best to contact the master. He will use the right tool that helps stretchvorit glue and then gently necessary to remove false eyelashes, it does not damage the natural.
Dear women, be always beautiful she loved!

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