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The man has at his disposal one of the most sophisticated and complex organisms on the planet. It's amazing wWide collection of numerous bodies, systems, tissues, fluids, etc. All this is harmoniously combined with each other without interfering with, but on the contrary, optimally cooperating with each other. Thus it is achieved the normal physiological function of the body. Nevertheless, we should not delude especially on this matter and think that our opideal-organisms and is resistant to everything. This is not the case, and sometimes even a microscopic bacteria can seriously and permanently withdraw from the body system. Even a high level of development of medicine can not insure us against the development of diseases and disease states, but since they exist and directly threaten us, we must be ready with them bOrot, including not resorting to traditional, approved at the level of the Ministry of Health, treatments, and more innovative, based on the biological body's ability to diagnose and repair. One of these methods is the bioresonance therapy is widely practiced in the MP "Health". More details about the methodology and its application in the wallsthe center can be found at the link.

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

The method of bio-resonance therapy (BRT) is based on the ability of the body to emit electromagnetic waves, which differ in different length and frequency of oscillation. It is obvious that in this way and emit wavesOther organisms, including such pathogens relative to the human body such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, mites, fungi and other microorganisms. Naturally, every living species has its own characteristic emissivity, its length of the emitted wave and its frequency. If you remember high-school physics, in particular a sectioneaten as fluctuation, then together with the concept of wavelength generated as a result of vibrations, and its frequency, either oscillating process associated with the concept of resonance. This phenomenon, which occurs when the natural frequency (in the above case is to be understood oscillation frequency waves emitted by the body in the active or passivnom state) becomes equal to the frequency of vibration exerted from the outside. Upon the occurrence of resonance in the object vibrations triggered destructive, destructive processes. For example, either the building is a window glass which has a certain natural frequency. If you put him outside vibrations and align them with the frequency of Propertyennoy glass, it will fail. Exactly the same principle is used in conducting bio-resonance therapy, only instead of glass, the object of the vibrational effects are pathogens and organs inside the human body. Knowing the natural frequency of each of the organic structure (microbe body, etc.) may be in aThe burden of BRT-diagnostics to identify any deviations from the norm, to determine the presence of third-party micro-organisms to identify focal inflammatory processes, etc.

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