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The body temperature in infants

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Sooner or later, most people are faced with the need and the desire to meet their basic naturals instincts. And if some of them (such as self-preservation instinct, power) are in our lives regular use, the other on the contrary, become involved after a certain period of time, subject to certain objective and subjective conditions, in particular, physiological and mental preparedness for their implementation. Atexample of the second group of instincts is the instinct of procreation, that is, man's desire to leave behind offspring. It is obvious that in order to continue the race, a person (whether male or female) to be physiologically ready (formed reproductive system and the absence of disease), as well as to have a clear understanding of what it collectsXia do and how to live with it on. Maybe it sounded a bit frightening for such a natural and pleasant process, but there's no getting around it, because since the advent of the child in this world, all the actions and interests of parents to focus exclusively on it. And it is not only and not so much in a clean, unconditional and Suneobemlyuschey parents to love his little daze, but also in the fact that the baby at this age is extremely vulnerable and sensitive to all the surrounding factors. His body has not been formed so as an adult, and therefore require special attention from parents, especially as the baby itself is unlikely to say that it is not so easyabout because he still does not understand this.

Standards body temperature kids

One of the most frequent questions that concern parents around the world, is the question "?". This is a situation which is an adult, with a height of past years, sees in his own way, seeing the apparent scope of the rules, but the fact that they(Standard indicators of temperature) for a small child are somewhat different. Often the rate at which the adult begins to worry for the child is the absolute norm. The fact that a young child has other mechanisms of thermoregulation, it is more sensitive to external factors and therefore regulations temperary his others. Despite the fact that this topic has been written a lot of articles, for sure, is not there a mom in the world, for which this information is sufficient. Therefore, the focus on the survey and in this article, more than not (at least not hurt so sure). In pediatrics it is considered normal paceture newborn baby within 36-38 degrees (lower values ??are the norm in the measurement of temperature in the armpit, and large - in the rectal opening). Analyzing the most traditional, the axillary measurement method for the first year of life babies can be considered a normal temperature of 37 to 37.5 degrees (the temperature at which an adultfirst person begins to involuntarily reach for paracetamol in the first aid kit), while familiar to us the value of 36.6 is formed at the expense of improved mechanisms of thermoregulation until the end of the first year. On a more rapid development of these mechanisms affect the extent to create comfortable conditions for the child's parents, the quantity and qualityclothing to the temperature and humidity in the room.

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