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How to cure a hangover

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better and better way to get rid of a hangover has a strong and long sleep when the body requires, then sleep!
To reducethe concentration of toxic products in the blood is recommended to drink three liters a day. It is necessary to directly use mineral water, it makes up for the deficit of mineral salts. And best of all - cucumber pickle and sauerkraut juice - due to its high concentration of salts, they not only fill their deficit, the circulatory systemline. Also, hot tea with honey contains fructose, which contributes to the destruction of drinking alcohol in the body.
Magic pill that was in the saving of a hangover, there!
Yes, such a tablet directly there. Here's a list of miracle pills that help you relieve a hangover: Antipohmelin, AlkaPrim, AlkaZeltser. Also in the medical suexist drugs of this kind, which can remove the symptoms of hangover.

The anti-hangover pills from the home medicine cabinet:

  • Aspirin - no more than two tablets, and they can be applied, if not, for example, gastric ulcer or intestine, and also a healthy heart.
  • Citramon - two tablets mayremove the hangover feeling and headache.
  • Activated carbon - six to eight tablets at a fairly unpleasant sensations in the stomach - and retching. And, of course, you can take two - three tablets shpy.

stomach you calm soup of chicken and rice soup easy.
The reason for such a small number oft he fight against a hangover is that the government and the doctors fear that the emergence of a good hangover cure would lead to an increase in alcoholism in the country. Eventually, hangover - is a syndrome wherewith said person nature what to do with the organism is impossible. We can assume that the hangover is not punishment, but a morning nodarok heaven.
The Hangover is very irritable phenomenon, in which you feel helpless, and most importantly, go with a very strong pain in the head. You have no desire to do and behave calmly. There are cases where people drink painkillers to ease the pain dramatically, what not to do. Because such components intablets can damage your kidneys, which were influenced by alcohol. In order to quickly remove the hangover you have to understand that you have the whole body dehydration, so drinking too much alcohol reduces the level of water in the body at what causes headaches and nausea. It is extremely important to consume plenty of fluids hangover, preferably warmwater with lemon juice, drink black tea strong, but without sweetening and milk.
Eat fruits such as bananas and apples on an empty stomach. Make yourself a milkshake honey and banana, and honey provides good relief from hangover. There are a lot of bread, bacon sandwiches to eat foods rich in carbohydrates. Various soups richpotassium and salt.
Continue to drink orange juice during the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and take some water to drink. This prevents hangovers. Also, try to drink less, no matter what the event.
And remember: of course, try not to abuse alcohol and eat as little as possibleBecause the treatment of alcoholism - it is a very long process and is not always possible to defeat this evil, and   addiction.

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