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Shot in the lower back. Causes and Consequences of

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Our body is a complex spatial system components. The correct their spatial location and at least nht operation is provided primarily by the presence in humans of the natural frame construction - skeleton. This spatial hinge design units which are placed around all organs and systems. One of the key roles in the functioning of the body and skeleton as a whole plays the spine or simply - vertebratesk. In our body it plays the role of a spar (if to draw parallels with any technical system, for example, a car), which carries the arms, legs, head and other organs. By itself, the spine is a complex hinge system, as its pillar consists of 33 (sometimes 34, due to excess coccygeal vertebra) PortInonu vertebrae together. This complex construction allows full use of all the mechanisms of the nervous system, but it is also the weakest point (which in principle is characteristic of any spatially complex system). The fact that the spine takes on himself the entire load and if it is not periodically reset, or not to carry out the measures, etc.ofilaktiki accumulation of fatigue, then it may lead to some serious consequences. One of the most common consequences of the infringement is at the level of the vertebrae, any outgoing nerve, which leads to severe pain and limited movement. Quite often faced with such a manifestation of this problem is simplel in the lower back.

What is the cross and how to fight it?

- is the name of such folksy known medical conditions such as sciatica or lumbago. The term "cross" arose in connection with a typical manifestation of the disease - a sharp pain when you try to make certain motionsneither I. By itself, the cross - it's a fact of infringement of certain spinal nerve roots, which is located in the lumbar spine. Reasons that may cause lumbago (ie cross), quite different, but almost all of them are the result of traumatic or degenerative disorders in the structure and the work of individual vertebraes. From this point of view one can say that also lumbago is a symptom or manifestation of some underlying disease. In particular, the cross is an inherent part of these diseases or conditions such as:

  • the displacement of the vertebrae or intervertebral discs;
  • Call osteochondrosischnika lumbar;
  • disc protrusion;
  • herniated discs in the lumbar segment, etc.

These diseases have both the character of the age, and the subjective, which is linked to a way of life that leads a person.

Eliminating lumbago

Treatment of lumbago happening at the same tactics as the treatment of degenerative disc disease, that is, it can be applied both conservative and radical (invasive) methods. In order to determine the tactics of treatment, the first on the ground need to make an accurate diagnosis and to determine the exact cause of lumbago. Conservative treatment, kato the right is a complex that combines medication (usually at an early stage, as a means to relieve pain), and manual therapies, massage, gym. Naturally, it is also important to adjust your diet, weight and way of life, adding a greater motor activity.

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