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Inkjet printers - is a type of digital printers

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The principle of operation of inkjet printers directly, as one of the species itself is very similar to the matrix printers. This overlap results from the fact that the image is formed on the carrier only of points. Instead of heads with needles in such a matrix inkjet printers, which prints a liquid dye. All cartridges with such dyes have desired with integrated printhead. Most modern printers, Canon also use kartridzhi with integrated printhead needed. Such a company like Epson, manufactures inkjet printers, which have to be printed matrix printer parts, and all removable cartridges have only a dye. If the device is not used for a long time (a week or more), the drying usually takes place all the remnants of the dyeI. The printer can automatically clean the print head only. It is also possible to carry out a compulsory cleaning nozzles using the correct partition is the printer driver settings. Due to cleaning the nozzles directly to the print head has a strong flow of the dye. If, however, thanks to the printer's standard tools was not possible to do watku nozzle print head directly, then all further cleaning and / or replacement of the printhead will be performed only in repair shops.
Printheads all inkjet printers created using these types of dye supply:
Continuous feed - a feed of the dye when the entire printing process can proishSlight dit not. The fact that the dye got on the printing surface can be determined due to the flow modulator dye. It is alleged that the patent for this method of printing invented by William Thompson in 1867. Technical implementation of the printhead pressure   the dye is applied, and it is at the outlet of the nozzle begins to pazbivatsya a sequence of microdroplets (up a couple of dozen picoliters), and it comes additionally electric charge. A breakdown of the flow of the dye is in the drop may occur located on the nozzle of the piezoelectric crystal, which formed the acoustic wave (frequency it becomes tens of kilohertz). The deviation of the droplet flows held electrostatic deflection system (deflector). Those required droplet dye must not enter the seal area, and gather in colourant and typically returned back into the main reservoir where the dyes. The first inkjet printer manufactured using such a method for supplying dyeand he was released in 1951, Siemens
supply on demand - is the supply of the dye from the same printhead nozzle desired happens only when it is necessary to apply the dye to the desired area of ??the nozzle is the printing surface. This method of supplying direct dye was fairly widespread todayday.

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