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Massage - the most effective way to overcome cellulite

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is called Celluliteby small   deepening on the buttocks, which resemble an orange peel. Cellulite – the worst enemy of women. For each of us worse than a bad dream – get to the beach with cellulite. &Nbsp; and to prevent this, women are willing to deal with it in any way. &Nbsp; One effective method of getting rid of undesirable effectsth body is massage. Motion, friction,   pressures rid of cellulite quickly and easily. &Nbsp; To enhance the effect of massage used creams, gels and oils.

Anti-cellulite massage and its effectiveness

What happens during anti-cellulite massage? This procedure rassasvayutsya fat nodules and improves blood circulation. This has a positive impact not only on individual areas of the skin, but also the entire body. But of course there will be little – you need to spend a few treatments – 8 to 10.   If cellulite advanced stage, then one course will be a little – you need to apply some other methods. Onexample DiaDENS therapy and diet.

  The effect of the anti-cellulite massage:

  • improve circulation
  • There will be an update of the upper layers of the epidermis
  • From the body will come out harmful substances
  • to eliminate swelling
  • Increase the tone we? o
  • The skin becomes smooth and pink
  • Will leave stress

Household massage techniques

Today, cellulite can be combated and independently. &Nbsp; In pharmacies, you will find not only a lot of creams, ointments, lotions, which are designed to fight against orange peel, but also many othersOn the special massage devices – rollers, balls, etc. But it is very popular are the old-fashioned way – lozhechny and cupping massage.  

Lozhechny massages

The most common spoon serves as an effective method in the fight against cellulite. Interestingly, this Metod not invented at home – it was developed by German physician – beautician Koch. According to him, this way helps to more accurately and deeply affect the problem areas. This increases the efficiency of massage. Spoon handles the smallest problem   area.

Jar massage

  Massage with special cans   also popular as lozhechny. &Nbsp; His popularity he deserved, as it allows to work out vigorously and deeply problematic areas. This technique consists of exposing the skin vacuum. &Nbsp;   First, the skin is treated with a special oil and then pressedto the body. Banks moved over the surface of problem areas. This stimulates the lymph circulation, normalizes metabolism in the deeper layers of the skin, thereby dissolve unsightly bumps and depressions in the skin.

How to prepare for a massage?

Before the procedure, the patient will be offered nrinyat shower and make skin peeling. This is to ensure that the skin is cleansed of dead cells in order to increase the impact of massage oils and creams.  

If you're signed up for the course of the procedure at the clinic Janko, you do not have to worry about training, because all the recommendations you nObtain from our medical expert. The process itself will have only the best sense of surprise and its positive effect.

If you sign up for a massage to the good expert, the positive results will surpass all your options. offers at affordable prices, but choose only checktary and experienced professionals.    

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