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Feedback on fur studio "Schick from Fominih"

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I would like to say thanks for their work and attitudes to customers. All my youth has lived in the Magadan region, so it is used to being in severe winter frosts can be comfortable only in a natural coat that convince the opposite nobody could: he was and jacket and sheepskin and leather coat and artificial fur – not mine!

Therefore, in the winter I go only in fur coats, the more wearXia they long: I have astrakhan coat, which has brought from the North. In Ukraine it is very difficult to find an exclusive – All models are similar to each other – so I thought as long as you do not accidentally hit the studio Fomin. This is where you can roam – there is also a mink and astrakhan, fox, and, my favorite is now broadtail fur. But specialbut pleased that all models are interesting and unique. And I found her – long mink coat with a hood. In her warm even in severe frosts – I feel it like in the stove even in thin turtleneck, short skirt and without a hat.

In addition, there are to every buyer with love and care – which it is also a greatplus. Usually you store groomed and nurtured until they see a potential client, as soon understand that today you do not intend to make a purchase immediately indifference on his face and a reluctance to spend your precious time. Immediately opposite – Yuri suggested, which model will sit on me better, but I do not buy anything, and even promised Nebolishuyu discount.

I recently had an anniversary, and husband decided to give me a fur coat, which we have sewn to order in the studio fur « Chic by Fominih & raquo ;. Jura on this day was going to leave, but he still has allocated an hour for me to offer the best furs and design my future gift. Then he passed into the hands of masters, who stripped measurements,advising how you can hide some of the shortcomings of my figure.

Come to the fitting several times, but it is not strained, because there met, as they say, « bread and salt & raquo ;, and eventually got her luxury beautiful fur fur and mink karakulcha! It is unique !!!

On your birthday, I feltlike a queen in this coat, it looked great with a long evening gown. Now I wear it with pants, skirts and jeans to work – obtained spectacular classic image.

My friends, too many client is now a studio fur « Chic by Fominih & raquo ;, and everyone is happy – great service, original fashionDo quality work and can not rejoice. A huge thank you, love your constant client!

Katia (Donetsk)

Author: Artlife
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