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Types of fireproof doors

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Fire-resistant doors in its construction are far from conventional doors. In them is hidden a wholefire-proof system elements that reveal their potential in critical situations. For example, they have a fire seal that when the temperature rises above the put increases the volume and fills all the cracks and gaps in the doorway, so as not to miss the room acrid smoke. In addition, it equipped with a variety ofaccessories and automatics.

Features fire doors:

  • the number of blades (odnopolnye, two-field);
  • blind web or glazed;
  • Left and Right active leaf;
  • opening can be carried out in the classical way, using a system panic or automatically.

Fire class

Fire resistance of fire doors - a key indicator. It involves the ability of the door to keep all its unique properties under the bad influence of high temperatures and thus prevent the penetration of the fire in the room. It is in the matterSTI on how your door can resist fire, they are divided into several classes of fire resistance. Separation takes place in accordance with the following criteria:

  • E - denotes the very loss of performance properties in the period of the fire from 30 to about 120 minutes of fire;
  • I - indicates that the door WMSis to prevent direct penetration of large heat in the opposite direction;
  • W - directly refers to how long such a glass structure to be able to retain more heat flux throughout the opposite side, measured in minutes, from about 30 to 120;
  • S - stands for exactly how long sheKaya design can prevent the penetration of smoke around, too, is measured in minutes.

In its degree of resistance against fire all of these doors is divided into three classes:

  • The design, of course, it can resist fire up to 30 minutes and no more.
  • The range of stability in tAkiho doors immediately is 30-60 minutes.
  • The modern and unique doors of this class can directly inhibit the spread of fire everything,   somewhere in the   for 60-90 minutes.

For very large spaces of various kinds provided a unique   fire resistance class so forthVeri, he must immediately comply with all the requirements of fire safety. And follow these requirements, of course, necessary, because it depends on all human life in the event of a dangerous situation with the fire.

There are some types of modern fire-fighting doors.

These unique fireproofnye doors differ in their manufacturing material: they, of course, can be wooden and specially impregnated, and metal (steel or aluminum), but there are even glass.
Your heed we give a description of steel doors.
Steel Fire Doors are good - very good because it is a long years they do not lose their useful properties directly. They are made of course, the profile of the steel pipe, the thickness of the profile - to be   not less than 2 mm. The same, they provide the added strength situated directly around the perimeter, and all metal strip. Strong and good profile allows you toprotection against fire, as well as from the burglary. Filled such doors insulation (such as mineralized plates and batting) further also used foam strips, it directly ensures the optimal level of insulation of the door.

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