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Forms and treatment of pharyngitis

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Our body is a complex, complex structure, which consists of a huge kolichsestva smaller structural thDiniz - systems. For example, the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, musculoskeletal system, etc. Each of them carries its own separate, critical functions, but they work together leads to the normal functioning of the body, which we used to contemplate every day. Of course, for all itsits complexity and the perfect evolutionary plane, each of the subsystems of the body is exposed to various diseases, each of which will almost certainly come into contact with the functions performed by one or the other system. For example, if we talk about the respiratory system, in particular its structural components such as upper respiratoryway oropharynx. In this area are located and lymphoid mucous membranes, glands and tissues of the throat. Given the proliferation of a variety of inflammatory and respiratory viral diseases, the zone is always at risk. One of inflammatory diseases that affects mucosa and is the lymphoid tissue of the pharynx ispharyngitis. For more information on this subject can be found by following the link.

The causes of the development of sore throat

The causes of pharyngitis abound, but in general they all boil down to the action on the mucous membrane of some stimulus. As such act, for example:

  • cold or polluted air;
  • bacterial, fungal or viral microorganisms which cause the infection;
  • a consequence of inflammatory and infectious processes in the nasopharynx.

Lines and forms of pharyngitis

Like most other infectious diseases such as, FarinHIT may flow in either acute or chronic. Pharyngitis in acute form - is the primary form of the disease, which develops immediately after exposure to the mucous membrane irritant (virus, bacteria, etc.). As the clinical practice, for the disease in this form it is a welcome and responds well to therapyand. The chronic form develops in two ways:

  • First, if an acute form of the disease was not until the end of dolechena;
  • second, when the shell mucosa over time exposed to stimuli. As with any other chronic disease, characterized by the alternation of pharyngitis laneiodov remission and exacerbation. Further classification of pharyngitis can be carried out in the framework of an acute or chronic form, taking into account the nature of the irritant factor. Therefore, in practice Cynic isolated viral, bacterial, fungal, traumatic, catarrhal pharyngitis and other types.

Symptoms of pharyngitis

course of the disease in the acute form is characterized by symptoms harakternmi for most viral respiratory diseases, particularly pain, tickling and dryness in the throat, malaise, fever up to 38 degrees. On the walls of the larynx inflamed lymphoid granules are formed. The chronic form as greatrule, has no such symptoms, it is characterized by so-called feeling of a lump in the throat and constant desire to clear his throat.

Treatment and Prevention

The treatment of pharyngitis depends on the nature of its causative agent, for example, antibiotics used for bacterial and viral for - antivirals. Butbest be prevented, which consists in regular hardening, support optimum performance air hygiene (especially oral).

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