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Hip dysplasia children

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considered a problem of childhood. She cured, ienly if the parents behave properly and only should they refuse to very tight swaddling your newborn, always make him a dilution of his legs, and physical education.   In Uzbekistan, as we do, the doctors can not convince young parents to abandon a very tight swaddling their children. Older women make young mI am doing it, but because of it's just a tradition. And, of course, as a result - it's just an epidemic of congenital dislocation and dysplasia. &Nbsp; This is an immediate danger to young girls, because this pathology is passed genetically from the young mother to her daughter. All women a bad aggravation comes just after takeennosti and direct delivery. The whole body of the future of young mothers to miss, of course, the fruit of birth canal, it is in the last months of their pregnancy hormone is produced, which makes the cartilage is very soft. And, of course, not only the pelvis and all cartilage. Any woman, even though it continues to walk a lot, and certainly notIt reduces its load as many work directly to the birth. On the job, they go in a month or two after them. All cartilage naturally soft, so she and their mildly « & raquo ;, tramples then accuse all doctors - that if not carried out births, made an unrecoverable error. Young woman just needs to know about the floorth hormone and, of course, take care of their young joints for several months before birth and after. And a month or two the number of such hormone is gradually reduced, and the whole situation will stabilize, and cartilage are all very dense.

Why in the women's clinic did not warn about this?

Young mothers only hear what must often take her baby in her arms, and, of course, more than a walk with him, so - while it is directly transformed into an invalid. Maybe they just do not know, maybe, just do not pay attention to it because they think it unnecessary. Many women really do not even know that they have such bolezHb as dysplasia. But before planning a young family to think about the birth of a little child, you should immediately consult a competent and modern orthopedics. Probably someone he certainly will recommend a caesarean section, but certainly it all advise about where the two months prior to or after delivery must be followed verysparing regimen to certainly protect your joints from heavy loads. But if you can directly conduct a full and very   conservative treatment along with the spa and resort, and it is also effective. Here it is necessary to stop. If, of course, there is no relief, it is possible osteotomy - a changeConfiguration of the hips to naturally put the head in the right thigh and the right position. But such an operation you do not need to do when everything is very bad. When you are bugged a lot of pain, you just need to prepare for the most joint replacement, despite your young age.

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