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Waterpik is a company-developer of irrigators. The first irrigation syATOR was introduced in 1962 and has been a half-century, the company is opening up new possibilities in the field of oral hygiene of your mouth and save directly to the health "of the teeth and your gums." please visit the online store Dent-online.

The causes of gum disease

The obvious sign of such inflammation of your gums,&Nbsp; also known by its unique   called "gingivitis" is their immediate bleeding. This may be due to:

  • the accumulation of plaque;
  • your unhealthy diet;
  • insufficient attention to oral hygiene.

According to statistics, every third houretyreh adults have gum disease. If, during the daily cleaning your teeth plaque directly removed only partially, all acids formed in the result of its appearance, impact on the gums. Becomes inflamed gums and they bleed. This, of course, a signal to the fact that such methods of oral care of your mouth should be nemedlenno change! Otherwise, over time, it is the inflammation can progress and develop yourself disease periodontal pockets and periodontal (periodontitis), which is able to destroy the tooth bone.
According to statistics, gingivitis 80% of the world population. In addition, it is not a simple disease rapidly getting younger. Already some HQolnikov notes such bleeding gums while chewing solid food, and brushing their teeth. Using modern irrigator Waterpik allows it for two weeks to return to a healthy state is clear, and to prevent the rapid development of periodontitis. But in the later stages of the irrigator also stops ZabolEvan, certainly strengthens the gums and strengthens local immunity. However, in order not to lose their teeth in such cases should be referred to a periodontist.

Pregnancy and care of their teeth

It was during pregnancy teeth and gums women are particularly vulnerable. It weakens the structure of the enamel due nedosbalances of minerals in the woman's body. Just change the hormonal balance in 65% of women there - this is the cause of all of your gum disease - that is, gingivitis in pregnant women.

So why is it important to carry out such a unique prevention of dental disease difficult

Changes in the exchange of minerals completely reduce the density of the entire tooth structure and teeth become very brittle. But because of toxicity, as well as changes in the hormonal balance in your oral cavity develops directly gum inflammation, called it" pregnancy gingivitis & raquo ;. This, of course, accompanied by arovotochivostyu gum in place with the destruction of blood vessels forming ulcers through which harmful microorganisms penetrates the blood carries it to the fetus. As a result - a newborn boy or girl may have a tendency to allergies, it will often be ill. The presence of caries is unwilling mother certainly lead to his appearance at the sadirect child.

Gum disease leads to premature birth

Local infection of the oral cavity immediately followed by enhanced production of biologically active substances - prostaglandins and cytokines entering the placenta itself, they contribute directly to the reduction of the entire uterus and aboveBelt leave.

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