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says Sergei Petrov - DentalEpidemiology highest category: "I work in dentistry for over 25 years. During the first fifteen years of my work was often forced to respond to their patients: « No, unfortunately, neither I nor anyone else help you can & raquo ;. Today I happy to be able to help almost anyone who needs it. I am able to restore the lost mans teeth, and then bring it back to a normal life. All this was made possible only thanks to the dental implant. Never artificial teeth that dentists were made, were not so similar to the real ones. That's why I can say that the artificial teeth implant are the first after his.

My philosophy

Strangely enough, but almost all dental institutions in the world are no different and offer « all kinds of dental services & raquo ;. Someone chooses the cost of treatment, someone opts only for those services which the insurance company paysI am someone falls under the influence of a doctor who has their own, but outdated or not always evidence-based beliefs.
Not every dentist has his own philosophy. I am happy to have their own position, which is based on a thorough scientific basis and practical international experience. I delayu only what convinced not agreeing to compromise with his own conscience. I do not suggest to the patient what is for him a harmful or dangerous. I can not take advantage of his ignorance. I know (and patsient- not!) That the teeth are dissected (grind) for the manufacture of « & raquo ;, bridges in the future will require removal. Poethat I have more than ten years do not offer patients dental crowns or bridges that damage healthy teeth. I also refuse to manufacture dentures, because they humiliate the dignity of man, make it impossible for a normal life, creating a lot of inconvenience and limitations.
I can and know how to return lyudyam quality of life, replacing missing teeth iskusstvennymi- looking and working like real and require the same care as healthy teeth. Of course, we are talking about artificial teeth relying on implantaty.Imenno therefore, they have had 11 years of experience in private practice, I have created is not an ordinary dental clinic, a dental centernical implantation.
I am extremely happy that my philosophy has followers and started my project work. In May 2010, in Odessa, will open its doors Dental Implant Center « Zablotskyy Clinic & raquo ;, created a franchise. The owner of this center is physician-hundredNicholas Bahurinsky dentists, backed by many years of experience in the well-known dental institutions of Moscow and Kiev. Today is also negotiating cooperation with physicians as with some of the regional centers of Ukraine, as well as from Moscow and Sofia. High standards in setting up a dental clinic and general filosofiya- this IMENGOs are signs that will stand out like-minded in their pursuit of excellence.

Who needs implantation?

These are people who do not have one or more teeth or have bad teeth, requiring removal. Do not rush to remove the bad teeth without consulting specialsialistom- implantology. After all, only he can immediately on the same day, to remove a bad tooth and put in its place the implant without damaging adjacent healthy teeth.
Do not also heroically fight for the sick and hopeless teeth, like to think that if the tooth does not hurt, it is automatically healthy. Belief that itsand better than artificial, is not only wrong, but dangerous. Of course, their healthy teeth-hrosho, but their bolnye- and is primarily a big risk that they entail you trouble just when you do not expect it, such as a birthday, New Year, Christmas. And it can happen in another country, in an airplane orthe sea.
I'm also glad that I can return to normal life and the elderly. One primerov- my mother who first operation on implantation were performed in 70 years, the following - 78, and my older patients older than 90 years. The level of modern medicine allows the implants and the people whos to suffer comorbidities. Even today, diabetes is not a contraindication for implantation.

Think about parents

All dental care in the world is very expensive. It should also question the cost of treatment, which may be differ-metry and depends on many factors. Talk to your doctor about the money or the discounts are not accepted in any country of the world. Treatment-it is not a sale of goods that « stale » or « obsolete & raquo ;. Teeth can not sell or seasonally « two for the price of one ».
Unfortunately, most lyudey in our country is not able to pay for such an expensive procedure as dental.
That is why we, together with my colleague Myron deflection, president of the Association of Implantology of Ukraine, prepared an appeal to the Verkhovna Rada a proposal to admit disabled adults wholost teeth as a result of cancer, and fully edentulous elderly, and by the state to install them at least two implants. In several countries, such a law is working and there is a tendency to its wider adoption. It is clear that in our country, to solve this problem at the legislative level is not yet possible,but as they say, you need to stuchat- once open!
So, if we talk about older people, is today the only ones who can help them regain lost teeth, have we, their children.
This is why I have decided to reduce the cost of treatment by 15% for people who pay for andx children. I agree on this with great joy, because most want to improve the quality of life of our parents who need it so clearly and deserve. Ask them: « And how do you live with dentures? &Raquo;

Abroad or we?

Patients often do notrealize how many visits to the doctor they have to do during the installation teeth. They do not understand all the inconveniences that they will face if elected clinic away from the residence. Vmeshatelstvo- Surgery is an important but not the only stage of treatment. After implantation, patients will need to come to the clinic are not pal and not two: remove the stitches or tweak some implantate.Predstavte Gadget on that for a few minutes to visit the doctor to fly many miles, spending a lot of time and money!
I am convinced that when it comes to surgery, in particular dental implants, the doctor and the patient must be near. The patient tolzhen be sure that at any time be able to get medical assistance.
On the basis of our center created the International Alliance of Implantology, which includes leading experts in the field of implant dentistry from Ukraine and from abroad. We have been cooperating and should be invited to these patsientov outside Ukraine, in fact, being a member of many international associations, good focus, who is doing what in the field of implant dentistry.

How to overcome fear?

First of all, going to the doctor, you must be aware that the first visit in implantologyYou came to nothing obliges and will not give you any trouble or pain. He needed to doctor diagnosed the condition of your teeth, made X-ray of both jaws, made a plan of treatment. As a result, you will get complete information about the state of your teeth, on the possible implantation, its features and terms. When thism have the right to be treated vybora- or leave everything as is. I do not advise to postpone the visit to the doctor. Perhaps at this stage to help you much easier than a few years. Perhaps now it will take less time and cost less. When deciding on treatment, just do not need to be afraid of the pain. Fear of the dentist rootedus back to Soviet times, when the state of dentistry was quite different. The modern dentistry and implantology almost painless, even when it comes to surgery.

« I love meat »

One of my patients for many years did not eat meat. His blizkie were sure that he simply prefers to fish and he is always ready to rybu- first normal, but after a time-only stuffed. Once at a party when he, without even asking, brought fish, and other gostyam- meat, he stood up and asked the attention and said loudly: « Dear friends! I would like to bring to your attention that II do not like fish. Moreover, I simply do not-for-vi-ju! I love meat »
The moral of this story is that having dental problems, people are constantly forced to limit myself. And by implanting it returns to normal. Then generally forgets where it has its own, but where are inserted artificial teeth. Heand can have what he wants, smiling, kissing and enjoying all that is enjoying a normal person ".
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