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Do not give yourself a cold win

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colds and infectious diseases susceptible to each, especially toGDS weather makes every effort to bring down. The most dangerous time for health — spring and autumn. The air temperature is constantly fluctuating, the day can be hot and cold at night. In winter and spring the body is weakened due to vitamin deficiency, immune system begins to be alarming.

In order to protect themselves from notpleasant illness, you need to help the body and enhance immunity. To begin Understand that bacteria are often transferred to the dirty hands. Therefore it is necessary to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, wipe them with disinfectant. Also necessary to do wet cleaning in the house, paying special attention to the surface to whichm often touching you and family members.

Sneezing and coughing, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or hand. This will prevent infecting other people, if you still have picked up an infection.

It is an important component in the prevention of colds, flu and acute respiratory disease — is food. Need as usedyat more vitamins. You can see a doctor, he will prescribe vitamin tablets, and can eat more fruits and vegetables. This is apples and bananas, and grenades, and persimmon. Optional off-season buying overpriced fruit and vegetables, the more cultured, they will bring little benefit to your body.

Just clAdhesives vitamins (especially important for maintaining immunity vitamin C) sauerkraut, lemon, cranberry, cranberry. Very good and helps with colds and the prevention of disease broth hips, raspberry jam and honey.

There is also a huge amount of drugs, indicated for the preventionand SARS. For a child is perfect sweet syrup Bioaron. It is made on a natural basis, it can be taken from the very young age, but a requirement t. To. Allergic reaction or idiosyncrasy.

In any case, the body in the cold season, need help. Only in your hands to prevent possible diseases. Stay healthy and active!

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