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What is Plazmolifting

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It is well known that Plazmolifting - this is an artificial process of rejuvenationthe human body. Science does not stand still, so we often find new and improved methods of rejuvenation.
In 2003, Russian scientists Renat Rashitovich Ahmerov and Roman F. Zarudy used for the first time in the world auto platelet plasma tried to treat artrofichnih often inflammatory diseases . Thus aroseanti-aging process -.
A year later, spent a lot of clinical trials of the latest technology Plasmolifting. Tests were conducted on volunteers and most scientists. Photodermatosis treated, skin inflammation, rash, hair loss. Proyshovshy treatment noticed a significant rejuvenation of the skin.
Roman F. often recalled the events of the leso, because the new technique of plasma opened up new possibilities of action. Significantly improved the quality of work of the surgeons and medicine. The experiment gave great promise in the field of surgery. But first, one of my colleagues did not believe in success. Avtoram- scientist was not easy, but they believed in and worked on.
And in 2005 came the publication in the famous Medicinskom magazine "Regenerative surgery." Since Roman Feliksovich Zarudy and Renata Rashitovich Akhmerova for treatment in photodermatosis, creation techniques, colleagues recognized geniuses.
Over time, more refined methodology, tests were made in a test tube, which had certificates.

Job Plazmoliftinga

We introduce Plazmolifting in injectable form in the human body, with a capacity for high blood platelet count. Lost from 9 to 36 ml of blood. Yes indeed, it's a small loss and does not affect the well-being of the patient.
An important part of treatment is a plasma, need spetsialte processing prior to use.
From the blood take 3 certified tubes erythrocyte, plasma, which is obtained from the patient's own blood, and a fraction. Alergichnoy reaction or rejection nevozmozhny- explanation is pick the correct approach and joint injections.
It is important to use a well-known medical Plazmoliftingcenters and quality certified medicines.

Today plazmatolifting used in:

- Dentistry;
- cosmetology;
- orthopedics;
- trichology;
- Urology;
- Traumatology ;
- gynecology.

In each of the areas of method lecheniya Plazmatologieyu will feel young, strong and healthy. Plazmalifting also known in the field of cosmetology. It is used for the termination of aging. Through the use of specialized plasma skin rejuvenation.

Methods of treatment Plazmaliftingom helps in many cases:

- makes the skin more elastic;
- improve the complexion;
- ubirat dark spots;
- improves skin;
- increases tissue regeneration.

The result of the methodology is noticeable after the first course, the effectiveness depends on the age of the patient and the quality of the skin.

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